Title: Delilah and the Dark God (The Eternal Realm #2)

Author: Fiona Tarr

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Delilah-Dark-God-Eternal-Realm-ebook/dp/B07QPJY3PP


Delilah is young, poor and inexperienced. Discovering Samson’s secret might not be as easy as she thinks!

“Fiona Tarr is a highly entertaining writer with exceptional storytelling skills.” Eeva Lancaster for Readers’ Favorite

When Delilah is compelled to discover the source of Samson’s divine strength, she becomes torn between her desire for wealth and growing feelings she cannot yet understand. She has no idea that the Eternal Realm is at war, but she quickly realises there is more at play than religion and politics. 

The Goddess Asherah knows Delilah is the key to future peace in the heavens, yet she is forbidden from meddling with humanity….. But when the Dark God Dagon grows obsessed with Delilah, she must choose a side. 

Will Asherah risk revealing herself to protect the ancient prophecy and secure peace for her brethren?

Delilah and the Dark God is the second book in The Eternal Realm series; a religious fantasy series that mixes mythology and intrigue in epic fantasy style. If you like strong characters, intricate plots and action, then you will love Fiona Tarr’s contemporary take on this old biblical classic. 

Buy Delilah and the Dark God today and discover what really goes on within the eternal realm!

My Review

5/5 Stars

Underdog stories are the best because of their relatability. This story was no different when we see the world through Delilah’s eyes in this breathtaking retelling of one of the Bible’s most famous stories.

Delilah, tasked with finding out the source of Samson’s strength, is a key in another world. One that she has no idea exists but will soon learn. Her mission is not just a mortal one, but one that affects the Earth as well as the Heavens. When the Dark God sets his sights on her, there is no telling who will come out victorious.

The story was suspenseful and loaded with wonderfully written characters. There are a number of genres this story could fit into quite nicely so all in all, I think it will appeal to a large audience.