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About The OWSCyCon Fantasy Blog Tour

FBTAs part of the OWS CyCon 2019, we asked our fantasy authors to write about what makes their world, or the world of another author unique. Each of them has come up with very different answers which reflect their writing processes, their research methods, and their views on world building.

We hope you find these insights interesting, and that they maybe give you some new things to think about when you pick up a new book, or even start writing your own.

After reading this post, be sure to check out the responses from our other fantastic writers: https://owscycon.ourwriteside.com/fantasy-events-at-cycon/fantasy-blog-tour-what-makes-an-authors-world-unique/

What Makes an Author’s World Unique?

By Kayla Krantz

Worldbuilding is an important part of every book, regardless of the genre. Some genres, however, such as dystopia, fantasy, and science-fiction may rely more on worldbuilding than others to establish their story, but it is the…

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