Title: Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Author: Debra Nasser

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Today-Tomorrow-Forever-Debra-Nasser-ebook/dp/B079LXCL6M/


Michael, a young, ardent psychologist has everything going for him. He quickly ascends the ranks and governs his illustrious career and family ties with tranquility, yet he is oblivious to the one thing that continually smothers him. His life becomes plastered with heart aches and the dolor spreads like neglected weeds, suffocating Michael until he ultimately succumbs to a harrowing demise.

My Review

4/5 Stars

Literary fiction isn’t a genre I read much, but I very much enjoyed this work.

With plenty of actions throughout the book that keep you guessing, the characters experience many challenges that the author is able to vividly paint with scene settings, emotions, and dialogue. The characters were down-to-Earth and for the most part, relatable. Michael was my favorite character because no matter what is thrown at him, he takes it in stride.

The writing style is beautiful and professional.

This is a guaranteed favorite book for future readers.