Title: Alice in Virtuality

Author: Normal Turrell

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006RXUGTY


A sci-fi action adventure in virtual reality from the British author of the best selling short story collection ‘Points of Possibility’.

Martin, an anti-social and reclusive computer programmer, is dragged into an adventure which spans the real world and the virtual when he loads an artificial intelligence program called ‘Alice’. Pushed into action as the program attacks his life, he teams up with others who are affected in an attempt to defeat the menace – but how? Alice is everywhere.

My Review

3.5/5 Stars

The idea of a rogue AI is a trending, interesting concept in the world of science fiction and Turrell’s approach was no different. Taking us into the life of a hacker, we see the gradual build up and change of the AI as well as everything that must be done to take it down.

My only real complaint was that the first chapter or so weren’t very engaging. I had to push past them to get into the story and start to connect to the characters because in the beginning, the chapters felt more like a summary than the actual story.

If you’re looking for a quick sci-fi thriller, this is definitely one to grab.