Title: Light’s Eyes (Light in the Darkness #2)

Author: Yvette Bostic

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079GHC3CD/


After their battle against Zar’Asur, the Council hopes for time to grieve for their losses and rebuild, but the demon Overlord is not done yet.
Darian and the rest of the Council must pick up the pieces while balancing between old foes and strong new enemies. The Council recruits unlikely allies in France and the United States, but discovers new horrors along the way.
Lorkath emerges with the power to summon more Overlords. Each one adds another layer of peril to humanity’s future. The collective minds of five demonic leaders now threaten the world the Council is bound to protect.
Will the Council’s efforts be enough to forestall the demons’ plans, or will they always be one step behind?
Will Darian have the strength to endure the heartache that comes with his newly acquired longevity or will the Overlords use it as a weapon against him?

My Review

5/5 Stars

Starting off in a superhuman battle, Light’s Eyes starts exactly where book one left off. Except now, the battle is shifting. The light is beginning to lose, and they must scramble to not only gather intel on the new demonic forces but also must begin the long process of healing from the previous battle. This next wave of battle is far from over but the tactics on both sides change dramatically until the suspense is nearly overwhelming. It’s not all fighting and death though, there is also love, courage, and friendship laced throughout which makes the story all the more compelling.

The fight scenes are very well-written, and the worldbuilding is excellent. I will definitely be moving onto book three soon.