Title: Darker Musings

Author: David Boiani

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QBLYHL4/


This brand new collection of short stories includes eleven tales that are sure to keep you glued to pages and reading well into the night. 

Darker Musings is another stellar release from David Boiani. From the haunting psychological twists of Session 13Brooke, and Six Degrees. The brooding and philosophical journeys of Just One More Time and The Butterfly Effect. The emotional and heart wrenching tales of 23 Cedar Mill DriveAbsolution, and Kindred Souls. Filling out the lineup is the horror of The StormUnnatural Selection, and Unit 913

These stories will upset you, horrify you, captivate you, and may even dredge up emotions you never knew existed. 

My Review

5/5 Stars

This collection of short stories explores all the darker emotions: loss, grief, anxiety, and anger.

Each story had a brilliant scope of its own world, and I loved how deep each story really was. The events reflect on real issues that make the collection all the more enrapturing. Very thorough story-telling with interesting messages in each.

I will definitely be searching out more works by this author.