Title: The Status Debt (Hunted #1)

Author: Edie Baylis

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07S8GW885


Lillian Morgan would do anything to regain the status she lost by marrying beneath her and to cover the sordid details of her husband’s death. This includes blackmail and the hand of marriage of her own daughter…

Tori’s father would have stopped his daughter’s misery. He’d have stopped it in a heartbeat, but he couldn’t because he was dead. He’d been dead for years. 

Murdered, in fact.

Tori thought her life couldn’t get much worse, but when her fiancé attempts to further his high-profile career, she finds herself mixed up with Ash Hunter and his crew – the sort of people she has always despised and blames for her father’s death. She hates Ash Hunter and the feeling is mutual, but life moves in mysterious ways and things unexpectedly change.

Someone is not being honest and secrets have the power to rip everyone to shreds.

Especially when life is built on lies…

**Contains sexual scenes and some violence.**

My Review

5/5 Stars

Very suspenseful new series from this author.

From reading other works of hers, I’ve grown a liking for her style. The way she focus on character development to drive her plot makes it not only easy to connect to the characters but also to become invested in the story itself. In this story, I felt for Tori. Even though she was always surrounded with people, they were people who didn’t appreciate her, people who wanted to use her for their own personal gain.

Watching as she slowly changed from a sweet girl into a bitter woman was heartbreaking because the transformation was done in such a real manner. Between her mother and her new abusive fiancé, it was no wonder the change happened.

Will keep you emotionally invested until the very last page.