Book Review: Black Widow: The True Story of Giggling Granny Nannie Doss

Title: Black Widow: The True Story of Giggling Granny Nannie Doss

Author: Ryan Green

Narrator: Steve White



In 1927, Charley Braggs arrived home to find two of his children dead. The doctor who observed the children in their last moments diagnosed food poisoning as the cause. There was no need for an autopsy. His wife, Nannie, blamed tainted grains as the source, but Charley wasn’t convinced. 

Charley didn’t feel safe around his wife. In the middle of the night, he took his eldest daughter and ran for his life. 

The outpouring of sympathy doubled for Nannie when they discovered her husband’s treachery. To her community, she was a sweet lady renowned for her cheerful disposition. But behind the facade was a much darker and sinister reality. A truth that four of her future husbands, two of her sisters, her mother, her mother-in-law, her nephew and her grandson would perilously discover. 

Black Widow is a dramatic and chilling account of one of the most shocking true crime stories in American history. Ryan Green’s riveting narrative draws the listener into the real-live horror experienced by the victims and has all the elements of a classic thriller. 

Caution: This book contains descriptive accounts of abuse and violence. If you are especially sensitive to this material, it might be advisable not to listen to this audiobook.

My Review

5/5 Stars

The story of the Giggling Granny is one that is very haunting. I’ve always imagined serial killers to be those who have a type of victim and kill to quench some thirst. They’re mostly guys, sometimes family men, but usually the type of person that after they’re caught can be seen as a killer.

In this case, this was not true. Nannie Doss fooled everyone into believing she was a victim time and time again. Even when she was brought in for murder, the officers had a difficult time believing she was really guilty. Nannie was different from other killers though in that she didn’t kill to satisfy some craving, she killed when people became an inconvenience for her. She had a life in mind that she wanted to live, and she didn’t let anyone stop her from living it.

Narration made this an easy listen.

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.

Published by Author Kayla Krantz

Proud author responsible for Dead by Morning and The Council, fascinated by the dark and macabre. Stephen King is her all time inspiration mixed in with a little bit of Eminem and some faint remnants of the works of Edgar Allen Poe. When she began writing, she started in horror but it somehow drifted into thriller. She loves the 1988 movie Heathers. She was born and raised in Michigan but traveled across the country to where she currently resides in Texas.

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