Title: Lake of the Goddess

Author: Bijou Li

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SKKB9YL/


After finding out about her husband’s love affair, Yune, a childless career woman goes on a trip to the Lake of the Goddess to look for the younger woman, who might be bearing his child. But she soon falls in love with the legendary place and a local young man. Constrained by the traditions, Tashi is unable to start a family with his lover and children. Yune’s arrival kindles his dream for a different life. But is their love strong enough to defy traditions?

My Review

5/5 Stars

Bijou Li has a beautiful way of introducing the reader to new cultures and places. This book is no different. When Yune finds out that her husband is having an affair and the woman might be pregnant, she decides to go look for her and is introduced to a whole new culture. She both finds and loses herself there, finding it so beautiful she’s uncertain if she wants to leave.

The prose is filled with beautiful descriptions that make it easy to visualize just about everything in the story. Bijou Li’s romances are always so unique because they usually involve the MC finding herself in the process rather than just falling mindlessly head over heels like I’ve seen in some romances.

If you like unique romances, this is the book to read.