Title: Saving Grace (Men of Valour, Women of Steel #4)

Author: Toni Bolton

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Saving-Grace-valour-women-steel-ebook/dp/B07F8XKKLS


The Collin’s house is bombed. Why has the nanny Georgie Manning taken the baby and driven to her employer’s ski lodge in Mammoth Mountain? Has she kidnapped baby Grace? is she in league with the bombers? Marshall O’Hara follows her but finds others are also on her trail. Romance, suspense and crime. A chase down Mammoth Mountain and a race through the desert to protect baby Grace from her enemies.

My Review

4/5 Stars

Plenty of intrigue and suspense in this addition to the series.

I felt as if this story really gave a good insight into Georgie, Pat, Kirsten, and Josh. There is a lot of pain and anger expressed by the characters throughout the book, but I think this painted them as real characters. They really had their moments where they were affected by what happened and moments where they needed to rely on one another in order to get through their feelings to continue on with their lives.

Interesting to me that it shows that money isn’t the cure for sadness and anger. Even wealthy couples have their problems too.