Title: Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne & Gerri Denemer

Author: P.D. Alleva

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HFJGJQR/


“There’s a difference between believing and knowing.”

A tale of faith, redemption and timeless love!

One known terrorist. A protest about to erupt. A family on the brink of collapse. Is the bond between husband and wife strong enough to defeat evil?

Kelli Denemer would do anything to keep her family together. But tough times have landed on their doorstep and her husband, Gerri, just can’t seem to pull it together. He’s always battled his demons, but lately it seems they’ve taken over. As the world watches an escalating protest over a known terrorist’s extradition, Kelli uncovers she’s the target of a sinister plot involving Gerri and the terrorist that will lead to World War III. A plot that centers on Kelli.

When she discovers Gerri is missing, Kelli sets out to find him, confronting hate and fear as she fights to save her family and stop World War III. 

Blending a psychological journey with spiritual mysticism, PD Alleva has created a beautifully crafted dark love story complete with suspense and inspiration in the tradition of The Alchemist, Life of Pi and The Shack.

My Review

4/5 Stars

Kelli Ann and Gerri have a very destructive relationship, and it’s for that reason why the book is so compelling. Faced with the demons lurking inside them both, they have to confront themselves to truly get to the bottom of their situation.

The emotions presented in this book are very real and impacting, expecting the slow descent of Gerri’s character. I’ve seen many people battle mental illnesses, and I found Gerri’s character to be written very true to someone who is deeply troubled.

Excellent read.