Title: Portia’s Incredible Journey

Author: Emma L. Price

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KY78OWE/


LIFE ISN’T EASY FOR YOUNG PORTIA — A CHRONIC DISEASE, PARENTS SEPARATING AND BULLYING. “Portia’s Incredible Journey” is a page-turning novel about overcoming adversity, family separation, and coming of age told from the point of view of Portia Maddox, an eleven year-old African-American girl. When Portia faces the worst day of her life, she thinks things could not get any worse. But this is just the beginning of an incredible year from having to give herself insulin, to bullying, to the threat of her family breaking up.

Only when Portia understands the words from Grandma Ruth, “Life’s a succession of storms that makes us grow stronger,” can she deal with these difficult challenges that continue to surface.

My Review

4/5 Stars

Plenty of friendship, angst, and real-life packed into this easy to read story.

Portia’s Incredible Journey features a very likable protagonist, a ten-year-old girl who’s just learned she has diabetes. Coping with it is tough, and on top of that, her entire life is changing. The book also touches on hard to swallow topics like bullying and family separation.

Definitely a great book for children.