Title: A Sinister Vision—Know This Much Is True

Author: A. Nicky Hjort

Narrator: Melanie Francisco

Link: https://www.audible.com/pd/A-Sinister-Vision-Know-This-Much-Is-True-Audiobook/B07PYWS9BL


Elise Phillips, a doctor in training, has successfully repressed her kidnapping five years prior. The only problem is…she has six and one half days to remember every terrible detail, or a total stranger will die. 

But to make matters even worse, in order to save this nameless woman, Elise will have to face something that scares her even more than death-intimacy. 

Another paranormal romantic thriller, A Sinister Vision: Know This Much is True, the second of the Sinister Series, will take you even further over the edge of what you know to be possible and guide you right back out through the only way left…impossible. 

Wake up. Open your eyes. Accept your assignment…The problem is not to find the answer – but to face it. Know this much is true.

My Review

4/5 Stars

A multiple POV story that shows both the killer’s POV as well as his next victim and previous victim. Elise was previously kidnapped and almost killed but managed to survive. Her life goes on until one day when she starts to have visions. Visions that warn her killer isn’t done yet. If she can’t figure out what the messages are trying to tell her then she won’t be able to save his next victim from succumbing to a terrible fate.

Very creepy and suspenseful. The author wove in Elise’s background slowly enough that it helped to add to the uncertainty of what exactly she was up against. Plenty of mystery throughout and there was even a bit of romance in it.

Narration was well done though sometimes it was hard to distinguish one character from another.

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.