Book Review: Like, Follow, Kill

Title: Like, Follow, Kill

Author: Carissa Ann Lynch



What if your stalker could become your saviour…

The USA Today Bestseller

‘One word of advice when reading this book—trust no one’ Wendy Heard, author of Hunting Annabelle and Kill Club

Badly scarred after the accident that killed her husband, Camilla Brown locks herself away from the world. Her only friendships are online, where everyone lives picture-perfect lives.

In private Camilla can follow anyone she likes. And Camilla likes a lot. Especially her old school friend Valerie Hutchens.

Camilla is obsessed with Valerie’s posts, her sickening joy for life, her horribly beautiful face. But then Camilla spots something strange in one of Valerie’s posts – a man’s face looking through her window, watching, waiting…

And then Valerie goes missing.

This suspenseful and intoxicating psychological thriller is perfect for fans of Paula Hawkins, Black Mirror and Killing Eve.

Readers are loving Like, Follow, Kill

GO GET THIS BOOK!!!! This one was a definite page turner for me. The characters were developed perfectly and the plot just got more twisted page after page!’ Cheyenne, Netgalley reviewer

‘Wow what a ride this book was!!’ Misty, Netgalley reviewer

‘Loved it very much, fast paced and unexpected!’ K, Netgalley reviewer

My Review

5/5 Stars

After Camilla’s accident, she secluded herself, blaming herself for killing her fiancé. To pass the days, she stays on social media, living vicariously through a girl she had met in middle school named Valerie. When Valerie’s social media posts take a dark turn, Camilla sets out on an ill-fated trip to rescue her. However, Camilla has more reasons than one for wanting to seek out Valerie.

There was not a single bad thing to say about this book.

While at first Camilla is a character who I strongly emphasize for, it becomes quite clear that she’s not the broken person she appears to be. There is fire in her yet, one that will destroy everything given the chance. The unreliable narrator of Camilla made the story all the more compelling, and the twist ending left me staring dumbfounded at my kindle.

Probably the best psychological read I’ve encountered all year. Highly recommend!

Published by Author Kayla Krantz

Proud author responsible for Dead by Morning and The Council, fascinated by the dark and macabre. Stephen King is her all time inspiration mixed in with a little bit of Eminem and some faint remnants of the works of Edgar Allen Poe. When she began writing, she started in horror but it somehow drifted into thriller. She loves the 1988 movie Heathers. She was born and raised in Michigan but traveled across the country to where she currently resides in Texas.

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