Title: A Wanderer’s Dream (Eilan Water Trilogy #3)

Author: Cherime MacFarlane

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Wanderers-Dream-Eilan-Water-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B07XJZJRPJ/


She is a prisoner here, but still in the north, far from the fat trader her father would have bargained her away to. Since she manipulated Aed into bringing her along, she cannot complain. Things are not as bad as they could be for Grainne until Ualan takes steps to keep her from his father. Insisting she become the Roman’s woman, Ualan forces them together against all advice.

Roman by citizenship, Berber by birth, smith by choice, Aghilas has exchanged one master for another. Ualan gave him no choice. Die or submit, he became Ualan’s man. Forced to take Grainne as his woman, Aghilas is angry and frustrated.

The Picts of Corda are an ever-present threat. Torcuil, chief of the mixed band of Scotti and Pict fears all-out war. While he spirits away more settlers from Eire, Ualan is in charge of Eilan Water. The chief of the small band hopes more warriors will equate with victory. Two smiths should help increase the weapons of war for they will need them.

My Review

5/5 Stars

I was plunged headfirst into this series and had to play a little bit of catchup because this is the third book, but the first one I’ve written. As it’s the last book in the series though, it has a nice little wrap up on the subplots. After the emotional journey that Aghilas and Grainne went on, I was particularly happy with the way their story came to a close.

While the dialect is a different, it’s easy to adjust to the way the characters speak, and eventually, I actually found it to be an enjoyable part of the story because it set the scene so much better. Cherime MacFarlane always does a fantastic job of putting a snapshot of just about any country into her work. When I read her work, I get to both enjoy a compelling story while learning about different cultures.