Title: The Curse of Time (The Cursed Watches Book #1)

Author: Andreea Pryde

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Curse-Time-Cursed-Watches-Book-ebook/dp/B07WDQV7ZV/


“You! The one who does not believe. Do not shut your eyes to the gifts with which the Gods have endowed you.”

I never believed in the paranormal. Curses, enchantments, lucky amulets, evil spirits, angels, demons, Heaven, and Hell – all this meant nothing more than fantasies found between the covers of a book.

What changed my mind? A new job at a museum.

Getting used to the new place was at very least awkward, but life went back to normal; more or less.

Things become genuinely complicated with the discovery of a very unlikely connection — me, from the present, and a young woman from the 19th-century named Leah. Capable of taking over her body when Leah agrees, l get to discover hidden lies, mistakes, and foolish ambitions, which if left alone can destroy the future.

But, how can I face this situation when my own heart is about to get stolen by the surprising charm of the past?

My Review

5/5 Stars

When Scarlett starts her new job at a museum dedicated to the paranormal, she’s skeptical. She’s never been a believer in magic. That is until she starts to have dreams about a 19th century girl named Leah. When the link between her and Leah comes to light, Scarlett starts to realize there is more to the world than what meets the eye.

I loved how original every part of this story was, the characters, the plot, even the feelings behind it. The characters were very real down to their quirks and descriptions. The best part of this story to me was the way that the author shaped, Scarlett, a non-believer, into a person who very much believed in magic. In my opinion, it was the best part of Scarlett’s growth as a character, seeing the way her mind was opened to the things around her.

An interesting mix of paranormal, magical realism, and suspense.

That being said, I will definitely keep an eye out for more books in this series.