Title: Sentinel

Author: Trudie Collins

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SFYPZTW/


My name is Adara Marie and I am dead.

In the kingdom where I lived, magic users are employed to use their talents for the good of others; Healers, Warriors, Shields, even Sentinels.  At least that is what I was always told, but I never believed it.  Unlike other magic users, I knew that Sentinels are monsters who use their magic to force people to tell the truth.

I was horrified when my father announced he had hired a Sentinel. This one was also a Healer and a Shield and used his powers to protect my family, but that didn’t stop me being terrified of him, even after he saved my brother’s life.

I couldn’t understand how my father, bothers and sisters could treat him as a friend, not after he demonstrated what he was capable of when my sister was attacked.  But they all ignored my pleas to send him away.  If they had, I would still be alive.

My nightmares became a reality when my sister was kidnapped and my father refused to rescue her.  It was down to me and I had no idea how to even start. When the Sentinel said he would help I had no choice but to agree.  I had never left the city, let alone the country, but with the Sentinel’s assistance, we stood a chance. I would be travelling alone with someone I despised and was scared of.

Little did I know that the journey would change my life forever. 

My name is Adara Marie and this is my story.

My Review

5/5 Stars

Adara doesn’t trust Sentinels so when her father hires one she doesn’t know how to respond. Supposedly this one (Tallis) is different, someone they can trust. When Adara’s sister is kidnapped, it feels as if her world is crumbling, and she vows to go on a journey to save her. What she doesn’t expect, however, is for Tallis to offer to come with her.

I loved the relationship between Adara and Tallis. It seemed very realistic in the way that her hate for what he is (Sentinel) changed to uncertainty after he vowed to help and then to something else. Their emotions were so well described it was almost possible to feel them which made the story all the more engaging. Sad ending, but with the blurb, I was prepared for it.

Definitely recommended for readers who are searching for something a little different.