Title: It’s You (Sex, Lies, and Family Secrets #4)

Author: M.L. Tompsett

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Its-You-Lies-Family-Secrets-ebook/dp/B07ZRPSR6C/


From the day I was born, I was predestined to be the next Queen of Darshia — me, Princess Alley Smithlyn. 

The catch is I’m now betrothed to some Dark One prince from another kingdom. If I don’t find my soul mate by my twenty-fifth birthday, I’ll be walking down the aisle with this prince to prevent war between our two kingdoms.

I thought I’d discovered not one, but two soul mates while competing at the paranormal games until assassins swarmed the venue, capturing and slaughtering paranormals, especially those of royal blood. Determined to survive, I managed to get back to Darshia, and thanks to fate, my life was changed forever when I discovered I was pregnant.

With a small child to care for and my betrothed arriving for our engagement party, all seems lost — until a handsome ghost from my past arrives.

Can a man I once loved with all my heart save me, or am I destined to continue to live in a world of lies with the wrong man?

The life of a princess is never easy… but I must survive at all costs and protect not only my daughter but also my heart, if I’m going to be the next Queen of Silver.

It’s You – This is the fourth book, in the Sex, Lies and Family Secrets, series.

This eBook contains: coarse language, adult sexual themes, blood, vampires, witches, werewolves, violence, nudity, handsome — muscled men, certain scenes may cause triggers. A kick arse independent female — who will do anything to protect the ones she loves. This book is written and edited in Australian/UK English. Which means spelling will be different.

If you are offended by any of these themes, this book is not for you.

My Review

5/5 Stars

Alley’s life hasn’t been an easy one. In order to end a war and bring peace between two kingdoms, she must live a life that’s based on lies. That is, until a love from her past returns and hope for a better life looms on the future.

The story is loaded with action, suspense, and plenty of moments of tenderness. I loved the character Alley. She was strong and independent. While there was a lot going on in her life and in the wonderfully-built world around her, she held strong, doing what she needed to make it through to another day. I love to see that in a female protagonist. I also liked the way that the idea of mates works in this book too. It’s certainly unique.

Engaging paranormal romance at its finest.