Title: Trust Me: The True Story of Confession Killer Henry Lee Lucas

Author: Ryan Green

Narrator: Steve White

Link: https://www.audible.com/pd/Trust-Me-The-True-Story-of-Confession-Killer-Henry-Lee-Lucas-Audiobook/B07RK5BDKH


On June 5, 1983, Henry Lee Lucas was arrested for the unauthorised possession of a handgun. The police believed that he was linked to the disappearance of two females, so they used the opportunity to apply pressure and encourage a confession. After four days in custody, Lucas confessed to killing the two women.

What transpired in the following months was both peculiar and fascinating. Lucas confessed to murdering, raping, and mutilating hundreds more women with his friend and lover, Ottis Toole, whilst under the influence of a satanic cult.

But there were hidden depths to the revelations. Upon further inspection, investigators found that Lucas confessed to crimes that directly contradicted others, casting doubt over what was fact and fiction.

Lucas had the answers. Could they uncover the truth?

Trust Me is a dramatic and gripping account of one of the most bizarre and gruesome true crime stories in American history. Ryan Green’s riveting narrative draws the listener into the real-live horror experienced by the victims and has all the elements of a classic thriller.

Caution: This book contains descriptive accounts of abuse and violence. If you are especially sensitive to this material, it might be advisable not to listen to this book.

My Review

5/5 Stars

Ryan Green has done it again.

In this true crime audiobook, we learn about the bloodthirsty friendship of Henry Lee Lucas  and   Ottis Toole. At first, I felt sorry for them hearing the childhoods that they lived through, but as adults, that quickly wore off when I learned of everything they had done. I have heard a little about the Adam Walsh abduction, but hearing more in-depth information about the murderer behind it made the case all the more horrifying. These were ruthless men incapable of love, of sympathy. They took what they wanted, destroyed what they wanted, and felt no remorse for it.

They were real monsters.

Narration was well done as always.

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.