Title: Cold Fear

Author: Timothy Friesenhahn

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Cold-Fear-Terror-Tract-ebook/dp/B081LM5X83/


The devil curses a man turning him into a demon.
A nympho full of regret.
An old man that desires death.
Two souls destined for love.
Their lives intertwined by a magical crystal ball and a bad boy eating demon.

When the demon comes for his offspring can the parents prevent it?

Will the nympho who started it all be able to save any of them or will they all die?

My Review

5/5 Stars

Moloch is a demon, the eater of children. He manipulates the will of those who come into contact with him through the use of a crystal ball. This isn’t any crystal ball, it’s one filled with magic, but of course all magic comes at a price. That’s something Mathelda learns the hard way. Her choices not only affect her but generations to come.

I love stories with a ton of suspense. Cold Fear had that delicious touch that kept me on the edge of my seat. At first, it wasn’t clear how the many different subplots would come together, but when the pieces started to fall into place, I couldn’t read the book fast enough. There was plenty of love, loss, and sacrifice from start to finish. Not to mention a demon tearing people limb from limb.

It was everything that someone could ask for in a horror novel. It reminded me of Stephen King during his early days.