Title: Wilders

Author: Cass Kim

Narrator: Liz Brand

Link: https://www.audible.com/pd/Wilders-Audiobook/B07W7322LP


The forest behind Renna’s home is dark and dense. It holds more secrets than she knows. Having grown up in the half-pocalypse, a world balancing against the tide of a blood-borne virus, Renna knows the rules by heart: 

  1. Stay inside between dusk and dawn. 
  2. Close and lock the copper and silver screens. 
  3. Report anyone suspected of infection immediately. 

Now, at 17, Renna will have to survive against the rules. 

  • An unprecedented attack. 
  • A strange boy with copper eyes. 

Can Renna survive the darkness to save the people she loves?

My Review

5/5 Stars

The Wilders are a mutated strain of humans, similar to zombies. Unlike zombies, humans have adapted to the presence of the Wilders, learning that copper and sunlight keep them at bay. With these techniques, life goes on in a semi-normal state. That is until the Wilders virus mutates creating a new strain of disease that creates Wilders who aren’t afraid of the sunlight. Wilders who attack in the sunlight.

Suspenseful and action-packed, it’s not very often that I find apocalyptic books that are unique, but Wilders is one of those. The creatures, Wilders, were an interesting concept, and I loved the author’s creature of a world that’s halfway between normalcy and the apocalypse. It was a refreshing change of pace. Characters were very well written, and I loved the details that the author put in such as Renna’s cat. It made the world and characters even realer.

My only real complaint is that the story wasn’t longer. I have some questions that were left unanswered, and I hope there will be a sequel so I can see what will become of these characters.

Narration was pleasant and went along well with the story.

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.