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Story 3.75 of 5 stars

Heat – 1 of 5 stars

Series – The Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy

Main Character – Lilith Lace

Listened to audio narrated by Lynn Norris.

Lilith has been taken by the Elementals where she get’s surprise after surprise, everything she thought she knew was a lie. She must learn how fit in with her new coven, as well as use her new found powers because the war is only ramping up.

I enjoyed this second book more than the first but I still struggled with Lilith’s immaturity and temper tantrums and very self-absorbed behavior. I realize this is a YA but I had hoped Lilith would have shown more growth in this second installment, maybe it will happen in the next book.

As with all good trilogies there is an ending but there are also a lot of dangling threads making you want to know what’s…

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