Book Review: Beyond the Cabin

Title: Beyond the Cabin

Author: Jared Nathan Garrett

Narrator: Bill Nevitt




Born into a controlling, abusive cult and betrayed by those he trusted, Josh hungers for freedom from the Fundamental Faith in God. After his first escape attempt fails, Josh takes even more solace in a rustic cabin he and his oldest brother made, finding peace in isolation.

After unspeakable tragedy strikes, Josh flounders for hope and anything that will soften the grief threatening to destroy him.

Determined to escape the cult that offers only heartbreak and loneliness, he’s stunned by an unexpected connection with one of the other kids in the cult orphanage. That doesn’t stop him and he continues to prepare for a final escape.

But when the other kids in the cult need him to protect them and be part of their family, is Josh betraying them by trying to get away?


My Review

5/5 Stars

Growing up in the Fundamental Faith in God hasn’t fooled Joshua one bit. He knows the life he lives isn’t normal. The most he knows about families comes from the books he reads. His mother has never acted like one. Day in and day out his life revolves around prayer and chores. Most of his day he spends questioning why the adults had the children that they don’t seem to want. When he can, he finds solace by spending time in the woods with his brother Mal. When Mal leaves and ends up getting himself killed, Joshua is left alone to figure out what he should do.

The characters were well-fleshed out. Each of the kids had their own personality and interests which made them stand out from one another. I sometimes found it difficult to connect with Joshua though. At times he was petulant and unruly though I could certainly understand his character arc. It was easy to see why he’d act out and hurt the other kids at times but those times made it hard to root for him. I think I liked the “romantic interest” Mary more. She was sweet and more down to Earth. In a way she was Joshua’s foil.

It was interesting to hear that the author was in a cult and wrote the book based loosely on his experiences. I think that added a personal touch to the characters and story arc that would’ve been otherwise been missing.

Narration was perfect for the story.

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.

Published by Author Kayla Krantz

Proud author responsible for Dead by Morning and The Council, fascinated by the dark and macabre. Stephen King is her all time inspiration mixed in with a little bit of Eminem and some faint remnants of the works of Edgar Allen Poe. When she began writing, she started in horror but it somehow drifted into thriller. She loves the 1988 movie Heathers. She was born and raised in Michigan but traveled across the country to where she currently resides in Texas.

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