Book Review: My Pretties

Title: My Pretties

Author: Jeff Strand

Narrator: Aida Reluzco



A serial kidnapper is preying upon women. He abducts them and then locks them in one of the cages dangling from the ceiling in a soundproofed basement. There, he sits quietly and just watches them, returning night after night, hoping he’ll be in the room at the moment his beautiful captives finally starve to death.

Charlene and Gertie have become fast friends at the restaurant where they work. But Charlene is concerned when she hears how her co-worker spends her evenings. Gertie’s cousin is one of the missing, and Gertie wanders the city streets where many of the abductions took place, using herself as bait with a high-voltage stun gun in her pocket. Charlene reluctantly offers to trail her in a car, just in case she does lure the kidnapper and things go wrong.

Unfortunately, the women find themselves the source of unwanted fame. And now, they’re on the radar of a very, very dangerous man.

My Review

5/5 Stars

A family that slays together…

There’s a serial killer taking women from the streets. When Charlene meets a new waitress named Gertie, she learns that her cousin is just one of many. Gertie, desperate to know if her cousin is still alive or dead, has a plan to lure the serial killer to her. Worried for her safety, Charlene decides to go with her. From there, the girls lives descend into a twisted game of murder and despair.

Wow. Just wow. I don’t even know where to begin. This book had everything I could hope for in a creepy little read: a sadistic psychopath, a snarky kick-ass heroine, and a lot of dark humor. I absolutely loved Charlene. She was punk and fearless. One the best characters I’ve read in a long time. Her relationship with Gertie was both hilarious and believable. Gertie herself was a FOIL character to Charlene. She was quiet and calm though her plan to trap a serial killer wasn’t the best.

The serial killer, Ken, was his own kind of personality. The women he stole, he locked in cages, watching them slowly starve to death. Though the reason for this method of murder wasn’t explored in much depth, I thought it made him a unique killer from similar books in the genre. Not to mention his sense of dark humor.

I loved absolutely everything there was. My only qualm is that I wished this was longer. I picked up this book on Kindle Unlimited first but then bought the audiobook. Both formats are splendid, but the audiobook gives it that extra bit of awesomeness because the narrator absolutely nailed the characters.

If you love creepy books, dark books, or slasher fictions, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this story.

Published by Author Kayla Krantz

Proud author responsible for Dead by Morning and The Council, fascinated by the dark and macabre. Stephen King is her all time inspiration mixed in with a little bit of Eminem and some faint remnants of the works of Edgar Allen Poe. When she began writing, she started in horror but it somehow drifted into thriller. She loves the 1988 movie Heathers. She was born and raised in Michigan but traveled across the country to where she currently resides in Texas.

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