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Author of the Rituals of the Night Series, The Witch's Ambitions Trilogy, and the Blood Moon Trilogy.

Current Review Requests

I love to read and review books in my spare time, especially for indie authors. I offer my review services free of charge in exchange for a free MOBI copy of the book to be reviewed. This list is the current books I have on my to-read shelf. Books are read in the order requests are received. If you know an indie author looking for a review, have them send me an email at or fill out the contact form on my website!

Requested by author:

Currently Reading: Ghosts in the Glass by S. Cushaway

  1. Two Moons Waning by William Alan Webb
  2. Gently Bleeding by Steven Marshall
  3. Ewan Pendle and the Castle of Nightmares by Shaun Hume
  4. When Forever Changes by Siobhan Davis
  5. Cold Valley Nightmare by Anna Willett
  6. Heir of Ra
  7. Snow Over Utopia

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The Status Debt (KU Thread)

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The Rift in Our Reality

The Seven Year Dress

The Unborn Hero of Dragon Village


Currently Listening to: Wisteria Witches Mysteries

  1. The Dragon Sickness
  2. Forgotten Places
  3. Stolen Obsession
  4. Bucktown Babies
  5. Stolen
  6. Keeping Hope Alive
  7. Anywhere But Here
  8. Angels Rising
  9. A Mind to Kill
  10. Serial Killers True Crime Box Set
  11. A Vampire’s Soul
  12. Out of Darkness
  13. Love’s Consequence
  14. Dragonchild
  15. Epic
  16. Shadows On Snow
  17. Cat Sidhe
  18. Christmas Witch List
  19. A Sinister Vision
  20. Between the Shadows
  21. The Last Real Girl
  22. The Evolution Series
  23. Forest of the Damned
  24. Flux
  25. Listen to Me Now
  26. The Last Real Girl
  27. The Last Real Crime
  28. Primacy of Darkness
  29. Athena’s Choice
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