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Dead by Morning (Rituals of the Night #1)

*5 Year Anniversary Edition*

Narrated by Katrina Medina


“He was real, and he was a monster.”

Obsession is deadly.

No one learns that better than Luna Ketz, a pessimistic high school senior. Caught between the intentions of her Muslim father and business-minded mother, boys are the last thing on Luna’s mind, but this fact doesn’t detour mysterious bad boy Chance Welfrey from trying to gain her affection.Luna doesn’t think twice about him until girls at their high school begin to disappear. Girls who tended to hurt her.

Girls she wished would disappear.

When she receives a call from a long-lost friend, normalcy goes out the window as she’s plunged into the paranormal. There’s a world beneath the surface of the unconscious mind, and the killer knows how to navigate it. Luna is in danger and although she can avoid the killer in reality, she cannot avoid him in her dreams.

*Rated for mature adult themes and depictions of violence*



Alive at Sunset (Rituals of the Night #2)

Narrated by Katrina Medina


Revenge can become an obsession of its own. After her high school experience, Luna Ketz moved on. She’s in college, studying to be a doctor, and lives an hour away from her old home in Lima, Ohio – where the worst of her memories lie. Three years have passed since her friend Violet’s death and the thought of that day in the woods hasn’t left her mind once. Every week, she visits the hospital where Chance Welfrey remains in a coma. She tries to move on…wants to move on…until once again, she receives a phone call from Max Cazmea warning her that things may not be over just yet.

Chance, having recovered from his recent coma, shows up on her doorstep. He has found a way into Luna’s life that she cannot escape – he’s dating her roommate, Amanda Grey. Back in her life once more, Chance has a list, and everyone on it ends up dead. As things escalate, Luna finds herself in a dangerous game of cat and mouse that will take all of her wits to survive.

Warning: This book contains content that may be disturbing to some, including rape and graphic violence.



Survive at Midnight (Rituals of the Night #3)

Narrated by Katrina Medina


Death doesn’t always bring peace. With memories of her dead family and friends haunting her, Luna Ketz tries to untangle her life from the hold Chance has had on her over the past four years, but it’s harder than she thought. In death his secrets are revealed, plunging Luna into the mind of the man who ruined her life. Thoughts of her soon-to-be-born baby only bring to mind its monstrous father. Haunted by a new set of dreams, Luna fears her baby will grow up to be a carbon copy of him.

She battles to keep hold of her sanity as she loses a grip on the world around her. The dead begin to speak, and she can’t possibly ignore them. With Chance whispering evil deeds in her ear, she treads a trail she never thought she would venture and must rely on her worst enemy to help her conquer her biggest trial yet – herself.



Rise at Twilight (Rituals of the Night #4)

Narrated by Katrina Medina


For all the terrible things she had seen in her life, Luna Ketz never thought about life after death…until she was murdered, of course. Upon waking in the cabin of her nightmares, Luna discovers she is caught in limbo between the waking world and the dead. There, she is reunited with her loved ones, but it comes at a price – she has lost herself to the darkness inside her.

Desperate to save her baby and herself from a war that threatens to destroy them all, Luna submits to the mercy of her long-time enemy Chance Welfrey, in the hope that his knowledge will be enough to save them from certain destruction.

Cody, desperate to save the leader of his compound from a deadly sickness, is tasked with tracking Luna down. After finding her in the midst of Purgatory, he enlists Chance’s help by cashing in a favor. Reluctantly, Chance calls on Reese, and together, they unblock Luna’s magic.

Desperate to stop Luna and Chance from spilling any more blood, keepers Amy and Max go on a journey of their own, where they learn a secret about the deadly duo’s child.

He may be the key to saving them all.



Reanimate at Dawn (Rituals of the Night #5)

Narrated by Katrina Medina


Dying is easy. Coming back is much harder.

Murdered by her rival Chance Welfrey left Luna with the impression that she would be forced to live forever in Purgatory. After being offered a deal by Morpheus, the God of Dreams, Luna is given a second chance at life.

Back on Earth, she can’t speak due to the healing injuries that killed her, and she finds herself in police custody as the primary suspect in the murders of her friend Amy and mother Rose. But Luna isn’t the only one to make a miraculous recovery. 

With the help of Cody and his compound, Chance is also given a second shot at life using ex-keeper Reese as a vessel. Tasked with his own mission to stop Luna from succeeding and to find the perfect vessel for Epiales, the God of Nightmares, Chance and Luna will once again partake in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

Except, this time, the consequences could bring about the end of the world.



Hiatus at High Noon (Rituals of the Night #6)

Narrated by Katrina Medina


The only thing worse than being murdered by a human is being destroyed by a vengeful God.

With Epiales, the God of Nightmares, resurrected in the body of Luna’s sister, Cassandra, the stakes have never been higher. Luna and Chance find themselves trapped in the Compound at risk of discovery and death. In a seemingly kind gesture, Cody has agreed to protect them from Epiales’ wrath, but he has secret motives.

Ones that could prove fatal to not only Chance but Luna as well.

In DreamWorld, Max and Asher have a mission of their own. Now a teenager, Asher has questions about his parents. Questions only they can answer. Tasked with keeping him safe, Max must keep Asher far from Luna and Chance until he comes into his powers. When news of attacks on nearby Keeper camps reach them, Max and Asher face the horrific truth that they’re running out of time.

The battle is reaching its crescendo, and ready or not, Asher will have to take his place at its center.



The Council (The Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy #1)

Narrated by Lynn Norris


The Council is the governing Coven over the Land of Five, a region entirely inhabited—and split apart—by witches with varying powers.

Lilith Lace, a witch thought to be born powerless, happily resides in Ignis, the Coven of Fire, until she suddenly develops telekinesis, an ability only seen in some witches born in Mentis, the Coven of the Mind. She’s terrified of it, unsure who she can trust. Her best friends, Helena and Clio, are hot and cold about what she can do, leaving Lilith even more unsure about her future.

At her Arcane Ceremony, the truth comes out.

When the Council learns what she can do, she’s taken under their wing and is finally told the truth—everything she’s learned about the Land of Five, herself included, have been nothing but lies.


The Elemental Coven (The Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy #2)

Narrated by Lynn Norris


With the land of five being systematically torn apart by war, Ignis witch, Lilith Lace, has a number of problems before her. Captured in the Battle of Ignis by the Elemental Coven, she must deal with the recent deaths of her loved ones as a prisoner of war. Mind torn between escaping and giving up completely, Lilith is presented with a new surprise – infamous rouge witch, Willow, is not only alive and well but has a larger role in Lilith’s childhood accident than she ever imagined.

Everything’s changing. Friends are becoming enemies and enemies are becoming friends. Will Lilith finally get to the bottom of her past among the ranks of the Elemental Coven or will they hurt her worse than anything she’s encountered so far?

Audiobook Cover

The Sage (The Witch’s Ambition’s Trilogy #3)

Narrated by Lynn Norris


After joining the Elemental Coven, young witch Lilith’s eyes were opened to the truth that the Council has always been desperate to keep hidden. With only two Covens still standing, Lilith’s world is in real danger of collapsing and so is the Elemental Coven. After a mysterious illness begins to infect the Coven, witches are dying and not even coven leader Willow’s power of resurgence is enough to save them.

After the Battle of the Grove destroys Lilith’s good leg, and her ability to walk, she faces an internal war about her future that consumes her, dragging her further and further into the darkness. Willow is desperate to help Lilith find the light because Lilith isn’t just her sister, she is the Elemental Coven’s last hope of survival. As the Sage’s ex-apprentice, Lilith is the only witch capable of taking down the ancient ruler.

As the war destroys the last of the covens, Lilith knows there is only one way to end the chaos for good – a final showdown against the Sage that only one of them will walk away from.



The OCD Games: A Christmas Romance Novella

Narrated by Raine Barrett


Erica struggles with her obsessions, to the point where her life is ruled by them. After losing her job, she seeks out a new one with the aid of her best friend, Kara, by her side. Change has always been tricky, but between support group and art classes, Erica finds herself in the right state of mind…until she meets the mysterious Blaine. As she gets to know him, she learns that everything happens for a reason.


The Moon Warriors Kayla Krantz Audiobook Cover

The Moon Warriors: A Cozy Mystery/Paranormal Romance Novella

Narrated by Meg Clawson


Talia is on a mission. One that will end with her breaking both rules of her coven: Don’t use magic for evil, and don’t cross the boundary.

For years, the witches and demons were at war. The only solution was a boundary put between them that neither of them were to cross at the risk of breaking their treaty. To find the truth of her beloved Ian’s death, Talia must follow the clues he’s left behind. The ones that warn he wasn’t the witch she knew. He had a dangerous secret that not only caused him to cross the boundary but also left him at the mercy of the demons.

On the other side, Talia realizes the demons are nothing like she’s been told. Wrapped up in the growing mystery of Ian’s death, Talia is joined by a hunky but concerned demon named Marcus. As he guides her through Ian’s secret world, Talia begins to suspect that the demons weren’t responsible for Ian’s fate, after all.

With the help of Marcus and her familiar, Mushroom, Talia is plunged into the depths of danger and black magic where she makes a startling discovery: The people she loved the most were the dangerous ones all along.


Blood Moon (Blood Moon Trilogy #1)

Narrated by Jessica Robbins



What could be a worse feeling than that?

After 18-year-old Sam gets an invitation for a free vacation in the mail, she hops on the opportunity despite her mother’s pleas not to go. With the realization that her best friends have all been invited as well, she’s sure she made the right choice. Once they board the fancy cruise ship however, things aren’t as luxurious as they had seemed.

Passengers start to disappear and once the ship lands on a deserted island, Sam and her friends are left on their own to figure out why. Faced with a deadly predicament, they have to learn to survive amid a mass of nightmare creatures all out for the taste of her blood. With the help of a handsome yet suspicious island native, Sam must figure out how to get back to the mainland before she’s trapped on the island forever.



Acid Rain (The Blood Moon Trilogy #2)

Narrated by Jessica Robbins


Everyone has their demons. Unfortunately for Samantha Lesia, hers come in the form of her old friend, Clyde Harris. After being left behind on Luxury Island, a place of nightmare creatures, he’s found his way back to the mainland. Caught between the spell he’s cast on her and her infatuation for her friend, Lance, Sam finds herself in a new dilemma.

As the number of local murders rises, Sam’s and Lance’s secrets are at risk of being exposed. With the help of a blossoming young witch, Sam and Lance must find a way to stop Clyde once and for all before his new thirst for blood condemns them all to death.



Storm Breaker (The Blood Moon Trilogy #3)

Narrated by Jessica Robbins


Sam and Lance have been to Hell and back. Just when they think their lives can finally go back to normal, their biggest problem yet emerges. After learning of the East Coast Pack’s existence, they’ve done their best to lay low, but Riley, brother to the leader of the pack, is urgent to find his girlfriend – recently changed vampire Ruby.

As Riley digs deeper into her disappearance, he comes closer to uncovering the truth about Luxury Island. Desperate to keep Ruby’s hiding place a secret, Sam and Lance travel back to where it all began with the hope of saving her. What they find when they arrive makes all their unpleasant memories of the island seem like a daydream.

There is a new source of evil on the island. One who is desperate for revenge against all werewolves, Sam and Lance included.



What I Did

Narrated by Heidi Bindhammer


What would you do to survive?

For Jessica, that means going through the motions of life. Doing what’s expected of her. On the surface, she’s a pretty young woman with her future stretched out before her. In reality? Something is off. Something she’s learned is best kept to herself.

In her job at the local grocery store, she blends in. Until one day when she’s swept up in the crosshairs of an active shooter situation. Faced with staring death in the eye or letting her darkness free, she takes off her mask. To the survivors of the event, she’s a hero.

For Jessica? She must face her toughest challenge yet—putting the bad thoughts back under wraps before she hurts someone else.

Audiobook Cover 1

When Night Falls: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems

Narrated by Brett Hood


A fairytale ball with a not-so-happy ending.

A company that secretly experiments on the minds of the mentally ill.

The Angel of Death with a deathwish of her own.

Monsters who can kill with just one look into their eyes.

These are just some of the stories When Night Falls has to offer.

Fast-paced, thrilling, and filled to the brim with darkness and characters driven by the voices in their head, this collection focuses on the darker side of life.

**Trigger Warning: Not for the faint of heart. This collection contains stories that deal with difficult subject matter such as murder and suicide.**

The Box Audiobook Cover

The Box: A YA Dark Fantasy Short Story

Narrated by Kay Mack


The box has been in Panea’s family for generations. Like the women before her, she has no idea what’s inside, just that she has sworn to protect it. When the box is accidentally destroyed in a fire, Panea learns the truth behind her oath and like the hope from Pandora’s box, Panea’s box gives her something of its own.


Empty Branches Audiobook Cover

Empty Branches: A Dystopian Christmas Short Story

Narrated by Tessa Compton


Many people died when the end times came. Those who survived did so by building bubbles – protective domes that protected them from the radioactive ash beyond. Keeping one running takes a village. It’s for this reason that everyone has their role to play. Except the Elders. Their only job is to remind the ones born after the End that life is about more than mere survival.

When their oldest resident decides she wants to celebrate something called “Christmas” for the last time, Caroline is baffled, but must agree. With the strange request, she’ll learn more than the mechanics of an ancient holiday. She’ll learn the true meaning of love and friendship.


Audiobook Cover

Stained: A Short Chiller

Narrated by Jessie Caruso


Blackouts have always been Melissa’s problem, but now she has a new one. People are missing, and she isn’t entirely convinced she’s not responsible.

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