Book Review: Bright Lies

Title: Bright Lies Author: AA Abbott Link: Summary Emily’s dreams come true when her mother marries wealthy painter, David. Thanks to him, Emily’s artistic talents shine. Then he starts teaching her things a 14-year-old shouldn’t know. When Emily escapes from David’s luxury mansion, she’s penniless and forced to sleep in a rat-infested alley. BadContinue reading “Book Review: Bright Lies”

Book Review: How Much To…?

Title: How Much To..? Author: Matt Shaw Narrator: Matthew E Berry Link: Summary A group of strangers is pitted against one another in Matt Shaw’s latest extreme horror. The game is simple. Each of the contestants is asked a question: How much to complete a certain task? They then have two minutes to nameContinue reading “Book Review: How Much To…?”

Book Review: Behind the Scenes

Title: Behind the Scenes Author: Punam Farmah Link: Summary A book of two halves sits before you. In the first half, what happens to the characters from the author’s novels when you aren’t reading them; what is the rest of their story? See what happens with Gorbind Phalla after the romance of Kangana. DevanContinue reading “Book Review: Behind the Scenes”

Book Review: Forsaken

Title: Forsaken (The Conduit Chronicles #2) Author: Ashley Hohenstein Narrator: Sarah Sampino   Link: Summary Nowhere is safe. The war rages on in the shadows. A staggering betrayal will prove that no one can be trusted. Lucas, Ophelia, and Elias are on the run, in a chase that spans the far-reaching corners of the globe.Continue reading “Book Review: Forsaken”

Book Review: Treading the Coffin-Shaped Boards

Title: Treading the Coffin-Shaped Boards (Traveling Toward the Present #1) Author: E.M.G. Wixley Link: Summary Mary is born into the chilling darkness of the workhouse. To cope with the harsh and hostile environment she develops inexplicable abilities. At night laying in the coffin-like bed, it is normal for her to hear the creaking floorboards,Continue reading “Book Review: Treading the Coffin-Shaped Boards”

Book Review: True Crime Stories

Title: True Crime Stories: Twisted Tales of True Crime Murders, Disappearances, and Serial Killers Author: Hannah J Tidy Narrator: Gunnar Qualen, Jenna St. Claire Link: Summary No one ever truly disappears. In every unsolved case, at least one person knows the truth.  True crime is one of the most popular genres on the bookshelves –Continue reading “Book Review: True Crime Stories”

Book Review: Keith

Title: Keith Author: Andrew Lennon Narrator: Steve White Link: Summary Sick and tired of day-to-day life, John turns to his thoughts and imagination for a means of escape. One day he meets Keith. He is taught that life doesn’t have to be boring. It can be fun. You can go places, do things, meetContinue reading “Book Review: Keith”

Book Review: Balancing on a Tightrope

Title: Balancing on a Tightrope: My Life with Bipolar Disorder Author: Rand L. Kannenberg Link: Summary Balancing the ups and downs of Bipolar Disorder is different for every patient…including me.Hi. I’m Rand (no, not “Randy,” “Randall,” or “Randolph,” and my parents can’t remember where they came up with the name. Even (R-Kentucky) U.S. SenatorContinue reading “Book Review: Balancing on a Tightrope”

Book Review: Reality

Title: Reality Author: M.W. Brown Link: Summary The (innocent) ad:Writers, would you like to inject reality into your work?Have you experienced something out of the ordinary? Anything from eating cockroaches to a near death event.Would you like to share your experiences with other authors who can use your actual sensations to enhance their stories?JoinContinue reading “Book Review: Reality”