If I Die Before I Wake: Tales of Karma and Fear

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Sometimes, Karma’s a Bitch!

Don’t deny it. Your mind has dwelled for hours on the things you would do if your name was Karma. Malevolence towards those that wronged you festers and there is no relief—until now. Plunge headfirst into these sinister tales where karma finally takes control and vengeance is a dish that is best served hot.

The Better Off Dead series delves into the farthest corners of your mind, where your deepest, darkest fears lurk. These masters of horror will haunt your dreams and stalk your nightmares, taking you to the edge of sanity before pushing you to the brink of madness!

Contains stories by Red Lagoe, Steven Pajak, Jane Alvey Harris, Kayla Krantz, RJ Roles, Eleanor Merry, Peter Rocha, Charlotte Munro, Chris Wilkerson, and R.E. Sargent.

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