Thrive at the Witching Hour

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Thrive at the Witching Hour: Rituals of the Night #7

No one can escape death forever.

It’s a lesson that Max, Asher, and Chance learn the hard way after facing their greatest loss yet—Luna. Without the glue that held the group together, they will be bonded by their pain. Caught up in the war between the God of Dreams and the God of Nightmares, they won’t have much time to grieve. They’ll be faced with the greatest challenges of their lives.

Chance, Max, and Asher were destined to fill different roles in the world of dreams. With Max on the path to light, Chance on the path to dark, and Asher set to fill the role of the fallen God, their paths will split. But the real challenge will be finding a way to keep the peace between them.

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