Book Review: Pivotal Decisions

Title: Pivotal Decisions (Moonlight and Murder #2) Author: Reily Garrett Link:   Summary Pivotal Decisions She carries a gun for a living… But never expected to become a target. On an early morning hike in a remote part of the Everglades, Sabine Guidry discovers her childhood friend sitting by one of the numerous canalsContinue reading “Book Review: Pivotal Decisions”

Book Review: Last of the Nighthawks

Title: Last of the Nighthawks (Lady Hellgate #1) Author: Greg Dragon Narrator: Cari Scholtens Link:   Summary Helga Ate is finally getting her chance. Chosen for a coveted slot in the glorious Nighthawks, Special Forces, she will certainly be able to prove herself as more than a half-alien outcast. But when her team deploys toContinue reading “Book Review: Last of the Nighthawks”

Book Review: You Never Know

Title: You Never Know (Sex, Lies, and Family Secrets #3) Author: M.L. Tompsett Link: Summary Leaving her family behind and turning her back on her destiny, Alex Smithlyn is a Dark One princess, living in the human realm. Recruited by the head of The Corporation, both Alex and Branx Rayden work as partners inContinue reading “Book Review: You Never Know”

Book Review: Dahlia: A Novel of Dark Desires

Title: Dahlia: A Novel of Dark Desire Author: Viola Calvary Link: Summary Nothing’s black and white. Not love, not desire. Not heroes or monsters. They all have a dark side. Dahlia makes people nervous. Gifted with dangerous psychic abilities she’s no pushover. The only person who makes them even more nervous? Captain Kenneth Ravin.Continue reading “Book Review: Dahlia: A Novel of Dark Desires”

Book Review: Snakebite (Alpha Squad #1)

Title: Snakebite (Alpha Squad #1) Author: Heather Ramsay Link:     Summary The Alpha Squad—an elite United Nations military unit tasked with stopping the world’s most dangerous arms dealers. Their existence is shrouded in secrecy, hidden away in the New Mexico desert. Phoenix is their newest recruit. Where she came from, nobody knows. NotContinue reading “Book Review: Snakebite (Alpha Squad #1)”

Book Review: Welcome to Nightmare Academy (Nightmare Academy #1)

Title: Welcome to Nightmare Academy (Nightmare Academy #1) Author: Anthony Avina Link:     Summary Before the war, there was a girl…. Francesca Lucas finds herself in a new school, but this school is no ordinary school, and she is no ordinary girl. Francesca is a vampire, and her new school is the infamousContinue reading “Book Review: Welcome to Nightmare Academy (Nightmare Academy #1)”

Book Review: Or the Girl Dies (The Escape Series Book 1)

Title: Or the Girl Dies (The Escape Series Book 1) Author: Rachel Rust Link:   Summary One school project. One kidnapping. One night they won’t forget. Natalie is an honors student with perfect grades. Victor is a drug dealer with a cryptic past. When a school assignment forces them to work together, things quicklyContinue reading “Book Review: Or the Girl Dies (The Escape Series Book 1)”

Book Review: The Devil’s Lieutenant

Title: The Devil’s Lieutenant Author: Shervin Jamali Link:   Summary In the blink of an eye, Michael loses his family. As his life spirals out of control with grief, he is presented with the possibility that their souls might be trapped in Hell. Thus begins an unimaginable and nightmarish journey to rescue his familyContinue reading “Book Review: The Devil’s Lieutenant”

Book Review: A Good Game (The Vision Series Book One)

Title: A Good Game: The Vision Series Book One Author: D.D. Shaw Link: Summary: It’s a life based on deception. Freedom is simply an illusion. Each person is a slave to Vision. Trent’s dirty past threatens to steal any chance at happiness for the woman he loves and he must decide how far heContinue reading “Book Review: A Good Game (The Vision Series Book One)”