Book Review: Zane

Title: Zane (Sin City Sanguines #1) Author: Amanda Sebring Link: Summary “I’m a good vampire, Quinn. Not a good man. I can’t have it both ways, and neither can you.” Forget everything you know about vampires. They’re as mortal as you are. They’re born, they live, and they die as vampires. They eat, sleep,Continue reading “Book Review: Zane”

Book Review: It Happened on Fifth Street

Title: It Happened on Fifth Street: A Tale of Forgotten Heroes Author: Robyn R. Pearce Link: Summary 1837. America. A hidden letter. Family secrets. And Alf – determined to uncover them. 2015. New Zealand. A forgotten tin trunk. An old coin. And Abigail – searching through ancient documents. Suddenly, Abi is hurled back inContinue reading “Book Review: It Happened on Fifth Street”

Book Review: Under Animus

Title: Under Animus Author: Alexa Wayne Link:   Summary HELL HAS NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED! Only one woman can save all of time and space. When Captain Caldwell was taken away from Frankie, she took it upon herself to lead the LSS Slicer. She decided to bring war to the Abacination prisonContinue reading “Book Review: Under Animus”

Book Review: A Matter of Time

Title: A Matter of Time Author: Michael J. Bowler Narrator: Aaron Landon Link:   Summary What is your destiny? This question haunts 20-year-old Jamie Collins. A junior at Santa Clara University in 1986, Jamie has friends, a professor who mentors him, and a promising future as a writer. Then the dreams begin – nightmarishContinue reading “Book Review: A Matter of Time”

Book Review: Frankenstein

Title: Frankenstein (The Frankenstein Series #1) Author: A.D. Wayne Link:   Summary Frankie is a 21st-century computer programmer, turned ufologist when she is approached by the members of the LSS Slicer crew. The starship being commanded by Captain Caldwell. She becomes their most significant asset in the temporal war. Their enemies were ready toContinue reading “Book Review: Frankenstein”

Book Review: Call of the Wild & White Fang

Title: Call of the Wild & White Fang (Jack London Combo) Author: Jack London Narrator: J.D. Kelly Link:   Summary From the renowned author Jack London comes two classic adventure stories about primitivism, nature, and early 20th-century life. Seen through the eyes of two dogs, their stories are distinct yet share similarities, and theyContinue reading “Book Review: Call of the Wild & White Fang”

Book Review: The End of the World is Nigh

Title: The End of the World is Nigh (Ally Oldfield Series #1) Author: Tony Moyle Narrator: Aubrey Parsons Link:     Summary Everyone’s heard of Nostradamus. No one’s heard of Philibert Montmorency. One was a legend. The other, not so much…. A newly discovered Nostradamus prophecy has taken the internet by storm thanks toContinue reading “Book Review: The End of the World is Nigh”

Book Review: Snow Over Utopia

Title: Snow Over Utopia Author: Rudolfo A. Serna Link: Summary Snow Over Utopia is a genre bending short novel of apocalyptic fantasy, sci-fi psychedelia, and doom metal. In an age of savage science powered by black-mass, and thrown away bio-matter leaked into an underground sea lit by the heart of the great tree, a girlContinue reading “Book Review: Snow Over Utopia”

Book Review: The Unborn Hero of Dragon Village

Title: The Unborn Hero of Dragon Village Author: Ronesa Aveela Link: Summary AMAZON #1 NEW RELEASE in Children’s Multicultural Literature. The day fire and ice erupt from the sky, everything changes forever for twelve-year-old Theo. He discovers that dragons are real when Lamia, a three-headed monster, kidnaps his sister. A witch and a talkingContinue reading “Book Review: The Unborn Hero of Dragon Village”