Book Review: Esper Files

Title: Esper Files Link: Author: Egan Brass Summary: They came after The Great Storm, the Espers. Feared and hunted by society, there are those who use their powers for good, and those who use them for evil. When an experiment goes wrong in Victorian London, Espers, people with supernatural abilities are created. In orderContinue reading “Book Review: Esper Files”

Book Review: Double Dexter (Dexter #6)

Title: Double Dexter (Dexter #6) Link: Author: Jeff Lindsay Summary: “Like a breath of fresh air blowing across all crime-novel conventions, there is Dexter.” —Time Dexter Morgan is not your average serial killer. He enjoys his day job as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Police Department . . . but he livesContinue reading “Book Review: Double Dexter (Dexter #6)”

Book Review: Sudden Death

Title: Sudden Death Link: Author: Theresa Jacobs Summary: Death. There’s An App For That. When James’ roommate vanishes, he begins to investigate. After finding his friend’s phone, frozen, locked in a mysterious game loop, James elicits the help of fellow students to uncover the mystery. They soon discover that this is no regular game.Continue reading “Book Review: Sudden Death”

Book Review: Expired Listings

Title: Expired Listings Link: Author: D.M. Barr Summary: A genre-busting psychological thriller with satiric, romantic and erotic elements. Impossible to classify and impossible to put down. What if people were dying around you and you weren’t absolutely sure you weren’t their murderer? Someone is ‘deactivating’ the Realtors in Rock Canyon and almost no oneContinue reading “Book Review: Expired Listings”

Book Review: Dexter is Delicious (Dexter #5)

Title: Dexter is Delicious (Dexter #5) Link: Author: Jeff Lindsay Summary: <b>America’s most-read, most-watched, and most­ beloved serial killer—Dexter Morgan—is back. After selling more than <i>one million copies </i>and inspiring the wildly popular #1 Showtime series and top-rated crime drama on pay-cable television, <i>New York Times </i>bestselling author Jeff Lindsay returns with his mostContinue reading “Book Review: Dexter is Delicious (Dexter #5)”

Book Review: Salt in the Water (A Lesser Dark Book One)

Title: Salt in the Water (A Lesser Dark Book 1) Link: Authors: Sarah Cushaway, J. Ray Summary: There are a thousand ways to die in the desert—desperate outlaws, deadly predators, murderous elements, and betrayal. . . Kaitar Besh, a veteran scout as legendary for his cynicism as his skills, is ordered to brave theContinue reading “Book Review: Salt in the Water (A Lesser Dark Book One)”

Book Review: Thieves of Islar (The Heirs of Bormeer #1)

Title: Thieves of Islar (The Heirs of Bormeer #1) Link: Author: James Shade Summary: Jaeron thought he understood the streets of Islar. He thought he had come to accept his decision to follow his father’s plan for him, to become a thief in a city rife with corruption rather than pursue his own interestContinue reading “Book Review: Thieves of Islar (The Heirs of Bormeer #1)”

Book Review: Talon, Come Fly with Me

Title: Talon, Come Fly with Me Link: Author: Gigi Sedlmayer   Summary: Talon come fly with me is a delightful middle grade story set in Peru with a family of condors and missionary Australians. Is it possible for condors to understand humans? Suspend your beliefs and watch how an under-size girl, Matica, finds friendsContinue reading “Book Review: Talon, Come Fly with Me”

Book Review: Fragments

Title: Fragments Link: Author: Jessica V. Fisette Summary: Fragments is a short story full of suspense and supernatural elements. A young wife and mom struggles with CFS, depression, and strange spiritual encounters after a serious accident. The story has to do with near-death and out-of-body experiences and my own twist on things. It isContinue reading “Book Review: Fragments”