Finders Keepers Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Finders Keepers by Maggie Tideswell Finders Keepers is a paranormal romance full of surprises. “You shall stay here until you bear me a child. Then you can stay or go, the choice shall be mine!” A bride is sent off into  the unknown to marry a stranger on All Hollows Eve, October 31, 1749. What she finds on her arrival is enough toContinue reading “Finders Keepers Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Book Review: My Pretties

Title: My Pretties Author: Jeff Strand Narrator: Aida Reluzco Link: Summary A serial kidnapper is preying upon women. He abducts them and then locks them in one of the cages dangling from the ceiling in a soundproofed basement. There, he sits quietly and just watches them, returning night after night, hoping he’ll be inContinue reading “Book Review: My Pretties”

Book Review: Secret Keeper

Title: Secret Keeper (My Myth Trilogy #2) Author: Jane Alvey Harris Narrator: Jane Alvey Harris Link:   Summary Non-explicit trigger warning for childhood abuse including molestation. What if the worst thing isn’t that they don’t believe you? What if this worst thing is that they just don’t care? Seventeen year-old Emily has accepted theContinue reading “Book Review: Secret Keeper”

Book Review: Plaything

Title: Plaything Author: Brandon Ford Narrator: Mark Harrietha Link:   Summary When the Toller family moves in to the run-down house next door, Bailey McDaniel immediately notices strange behavior in the clan’s eldest son Glen. The pale-skinned, ginger-haired 15-year-old is aloof, prone to unforeseeable mood swings, and carries a morbid interest in the macabre.Continue reading “Book Review: Plaything”

Book Review: Insaniam

Title: Insaniam Author: Shervin Jamali Link:     Summary A man grieves the loss of his family, his wife and son, but he’s unsure as to what really happened to them. Plagued by memories he can’t trust, confronted by illusions that may or may not be real, he embarks on what he believes toContinue reading “Book Review: Insaniam”

Book Review: Open Wounds

Title: Open Wounds Author: Brandon Ford Narrator: Alexandra Johnston Link: Summary The first cut brings a wave of calm that immediately washes over her. The second, an incomparable bliss. The third, euphoria in its purest, most absolute form.  A twisted and often unsettling glimpse into the mind of an unwitting victim, Open Wounds tells the storyContinue reading “Book Review: Open Wounds”

Book Review: Lovesick

Title: Lovesick Author: Jon Athan Narrator: Matthew E. Berry Link: Summary Mark Murray loves his girlfriend, Rebecca Lucio, but she doesn’t love him. She believes their love has withered away, and she has already fallen for another man, but she struggles to formally end her relationship with Mark. But Mark knows everything already –Continue reading “Book Review: Lovesick”

Book Review: Hopeless

Title: Hopeless Author: Patricia Rose Narrator: Stephanie Murphy, Paul Brion Link: Summary “What’s a safe call?” Hope Pendleton is a prude – a straight, by-the-book investigative reporter. Then her best friend, Callie, goes on a date and doesn’t come back.  Gone. Totally off the grid. Hope’s instincts kick in. The only clue is herContinue reading “Book Review: Hopeless”

Book Review: Replaced

Title: Replaced (Sacred Duet #2) Author: Jordan Leger Link: Summary Have you ever had everything in the world just by loving one person? Has your heart ever known so much pain that it was hard to function most days? My life was nothing before Rett wandered his way into my heart and made meContinue reading “Book Review: Replaced”