Book Review: Misplaced

Title: Misplaced (Sacred Duet #1) Author: Jordan Leger Link: Summary Have you ever wished your life could be different? Do you wish that it could have more meaning, more direction? Do you wish that your thoughts could be more than just thoughts? Feelings could be more than just love and hate and pain? DoContinue reading “Book Review: Misplaced”

Book Review: The Devil’s Game

Title: The Devil’s Game Author: Charlotte Munro Link: Summary Inspired by True Events. “You and me and the Devil makes three…” Willow Hargraves hasn’t been to her home town of Gallows Hill in ten years, not since the accident that left her with no memory and a body filled with scars. Dealing with herContinue reading “Book Review: The Devil’s Game”

Book Review: Temper

Title: Temper (Deference) Temper Saga #1 Author: Lila Mina Link: Summary For readers looking for a scorching dark paranormal romance filled with intrigue, drama and emotions.  To recover from a terrible assault that shattered her life, Lana Martin has poured all her energy into her international career and is now a workaholic consultant basedContinue reading “Book Review: Temper”

Book Review: Noble Treachery

Title: Noble Treachery (An Elemental Witch Trial #14) Author: Lucretia Stanhope Link: Summary Loss. Treason. Destruction.  When Tennyson arrives to attempt his harmony quest, it brings bitterness and unrest to his family and Gwen’s. While they grapple with the sorrow of another sacrifice so soon, something more devastating sweeps the realm, putting them allContinue reading “Book Review: Noble Treachery”

Book Review: Todd Sweeney

Title: Todd Sweeny: The Fiend of Fleet High Author: David Pratt Narrator: David Pratt Link: Summary Every gay boy needs an ally who will kill for him. And no boy could have a better ally than Todd Sweeney. When Todd’s best friend, Toby Ragg, is threatened by homophobic guidance counselor Ashford Squeers, Todd swingsContinue reading “Book Review: Todd Sweeney”

Book Review: Break the Night

Title: Break the Night Author: Anne Stuart Narrator: Caroline McLaughlin Link: Summary What if Jack the Ripper never died? As the skies turn red over Los Angeles, Jack the Ripper roams once more. Saucy Jack is back, and women are dying. Caught up in the case, artist Lizzie Stride, whose custom masks are beingContinue reading “Book Review: Break the Night”

Book Review: Something

Title: Something (Wisteria #1) Author: Shelby Lamb Narrator: Don Amodio Link: Summary “I will find true love and everything will be okay. I will find true love and everything will be okay…” she chanted. They say be careful what you read. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong. It can happen to anyone. ThisContinue reading “Book Review: Something”

Book Review: Delilah and the Dark God

Title: Delilah and the Dark God (The Eternal Realm #2) Author: Fiona Tarr Link: Summary Delilah is young, poor and inexperienced. Discovering Samson’s secret might not be as easy as she thinks! “Fiona Tarr is a highly entertaining writer with exceptional storytelling skills.” Eeva Lancaster for Readers’ Favorite When Delilah is compelled to discover theContinue reading “Book Review: Delilah and the Dark God”

Book Review: Fabricating Fortunes

Title: Fabricating Fortunes (Elemental Witch Trials #12) Author: Lucretia Stanhope Link: Summary Power. Lust. Demons. Maryanne has sacrificed more than she will admit to gain her throne, rank, and reign. Holding onto it won’t be easy with demanding vampire masters, traitorous courtesans, and demons nipping at her soul. When those who would undermine herContinue reading “Book Review: Fabricating Fortunes”