Book Review: The Numbers Killer

Title: The Numbers Killer (An Agent Victoria Heslin Thriller #1) Author: Jenifer Ruff Narrator: Stephanie Dillard Link:   Summary You’ll never view odd numbers the same way again! When a key witness in an organized crime trial turns up dead in his kitchen with liar and the number two scrawled on his forehead, theContinue reading “Book Review: The Numbers Killer”

Book Review: What I Left Behind

Title: What I Left Behind (DS Jan Pearce Crime Fiction #1) Author: Jacqueline Ward Narrator: Laura Brydon Link:   Summary How far would you go to hide from the past? One-year old Maisie Lewis is missing. DC Jan Pearce is in hiding from her past but is drafted onto the case when things escalate.Continue reading “Book Review: What I Left Behind”

Book Review: Body in the Boot

Title: Body in the Boot (M. Falcon Mystery #2) Author: Catherine Bender Narrator: Karen Gunderson Link:   Summary For Wendy Atlas, the M Falcon Detective Agency’s would be super spy, love is in the air. But when Cupids arrow misses the mark and kills someone, Wendy calls the Agency ecstatic that she is onContinue reading “Book Review: Body in the Boot”

Book Review: Dead by Sunrise

Title: Dead by Sunrise (A Chief Mattson Mystery) Author: Richard Ryker Narrator: Tom Taverna Link:   Summary A young woman is savagely murdered on a popular beach near Forks, WA. Former homicide detective Brandon Mattson takes command of his hometown police force just one year after his brother was killed in the line ofContinue reading “Book Review: Dead by Sunrise”

Book Review: Pretty Little Girls

Title: Pretty Little Girls (Agent Victoria Heslin Thriller #2) Author: Jenifer Ruff Narrator: Stephanie Dilliard Link:     Summary Until you know who to trust, trust no one. The disappearance of a prep school girl from an affluent family leads to a world of hidden secrets, more shocking and horrifying than anyone could imagine.Continue reading “Book Review: Pretty Little Girls”

Book Review: Portraits of the Dead

Title: Portraits of the Dead (DI Gravel #1) Author: John Nicholl Narrator: Jake Urry Link:   Summary Emma didn’t know how long he hid, silent and unmoving, in the large Victorian wardrobe to the side of her single bed. She didn’t know how long he peered out, salivating and drooling, between the two heavyContinue reading “Book Review: Portraits of the Dead”

Book Review: The Serenity Murder

Title: The Serenity Murder (A Luca Mystery Crime Thriller #3) Author: Dan Petrosini Narrator: Peter Lerman Link: Summary All that serenity was broken by human behavior gone off the rails. Philanthropist Marilyn Boggs, is murdered on her private island near Naples.  Though irresponsible and spoiled, Marilyn was a pillar of the community. Who’d wantContinue reading “Book Review: The Serenity Murder”

Book Review: Tied to Deceit

Title: Tied to Deceit Author: Neena H. Brar Link: Summary “A remarkable whodunit that’s as sharp as it is concise.” – Kirkus Reviews Tied to Deceit is selected by Kirkus for their “18 Great Indie Books Worth Discovering” list. On a drizzly August morning, the inhabitants of the hill town of Sanover, Himachal Pradesh,Continue reading “Book Review: Tied to Deceit”

Book Review: A Child is Torn

Title: A Child is Torn (Whitley & Keal #1) Author: Dawn Kopman Whidden Narrator: Beth A. McIntosh Link: Summary When dependable Evan Madison fails to show up for work, police are dispatched to his home. His 10-year-old son, Brad, is discovered inside, unharmed and seemingly alone. He is stoic, sitting in front of theContinue reading “Book Review: A Child is Torn”