Book Review: Keeping Hope Alive

Title: Keeping Hope Alive (Whitley & Keal Mystery #4) Author: Dawn Kopman Whidden Narrator: Amy Deuchler Link: Summary A young couple taking a leisurely walk through the woods is shocked when the quiet, peaceful stroll ends as they come across what is without question a human skull. When detectives Jean Whitley and Marty KealContinue reading “Book Review: Keeping Hope Alive”

Book Review: Stolen

Title: Stolen (Whitley & Keal Mystery #3) Author: Dawn Kopman Narrator: Amy Deuchler Link: Summary Another homicide has rocked the small town of Fallsburg, New York. In a cabin nestled deep in the woods, two male victims are discovered, both gunshot victims. One is deceased the other one is barely alive. But it isContinue reading “Book Review: Stolen”

Book Review: Faceless

Title: Faceless (Whitley & Keal Mysteries #2) Author: Dawn Kopman Whidden Link: Amy Deuchler Narrated by: Summary Fallsburg, New York, has a killer on the loose – one who’s leaving their sadistic, telltale marks on innocent victims. A pretty teenage girl is found dead in the woods, her face horribly mutilated. A few daysContinue reading “Book Review: Faceless”

Book Review: Nobody’s Angel

Title: Nobody’s Angel (Hard Case Crime #65) Author: Jack Clark Link: Summary Chicago cabbie Eddie Miles isn’t looking for trouble. He’s just trying to get through another tough night in a dangerous city. When he stumbles on a teenage prostitute left for dead, he finds himself unable to turn away. “Nobody’s Angel doesn’t contain aContinue reading “Book Review: Nobody’s Angel”

Book Review: Nightmare of Dreams

Title: Nightmare of Dreams Author: Liz Kuchel Link: Summary U.S. and Aust. law enforcement collaborate on heinous pedophilia case in Ft. Lauderdale A dark figure stood close by, satisfied, exhilarated, aroused: placed a hand over Joseph’s eyes and closed them. Muttered in a crazed voice, “Sleep baby, sleep.” Rory Steele, an Aussie detective, assistsContinue reading “Book Review: Nightmare of Dreams”