Book Review: Woom

Title: Woom Author: Duncan Ralston Link: Summary “Trust me when I say, this is messed up.” – MATT SHAW, author of Sick B*stards. “I believe pain lingers,” Angel said. “Do I believe in spirits? In the supernatural? Probably not.” The Lonely Motel holds many dark secrets… and Room 6 just might possess the worstContinue reading “Book Review: Woom”

Book Review: Kangana

Title: Kangana Author: Punam Farmah Link: Summary There is no such thing as a straight forward romance. Sometimes when you think you are falling for one person, you are really falling in love with everyone else around them too.Gorbind’s family are his whole world, even if they are far from normal. His kid brotherContinue reading “Book Review: Kangana”

Book Review: The Last Cuckoo

Title: The Last Cuckoo Author: Maria Frankland Narrator: Chris Nuttall Link: Summary When a blended family is the darkest place to be…do you listen to your mother? Even after she’s dead? Anna Hardaker is following you…. This seemingly innocent tweet fills Jamie Hardaker with confusion and fear. After all, his mother Anna has beenContinue reading “Book Review: The Last Cuckoo”

Book Review: Christmas in Marlow Center

Title: Christmas in Marlow Center Author: Jordan Elizabeth Narrator: Amanda Muratoff Link: Summary Nastassia loves visiting her grandmother’s farm, but when financial struggles strike, the family must face letting the land go. It looks as if this will be her last Christmas on the farm, memories made all the sweeter when she meets Jesse,Continue reading “Book Review: Christmas in Marlow Center”

Book Review: Beyond the Cabin

Title: Beyond the Cabin Author: Jared Nathan Garrett Narrator: Bill Nevitt Link:   Summary Born into a controlling, abusive cult and betrayed by those he trusted, Josh hungers for freedom from the Fundamental Faith in God. After his first escape attempt fails, Josh takes even more solace in a rustic cabin he and hisContinue reading “Book Review: Beyond the Cabin”

Book Review: The Vodka Trail

Title: The Vodka Trail (The Trail Series #2) Author: A.A. Abbott Link:   Summary Vodka to die for? A thriller with a killer twist! Glamorous blonde Kat White ended up a penniless teenager marooned in London when her parents died in a foreign prison. She blames Marty Bridges, her father’s business partner, for theirContinue reading “Book Review: The Vodka Trail”

Book Review: Uncover

Title: Uncover Author: Amanda Linehan Narrator: Nicole Blessing Link:   Summary What she went looking for isn’t what she found…. Marissa wants to put this all behind her. Her best friend, Olivia, has been killed in a car accident, and her death has left more questions than answers for those who knew her best.Continue reading “Book Review: Uncover”

Book Review: Live Action Role Play

Title: Live Action Role Play Author: Jason James Alan Green Link: Summary Live Action Role Play (LARP) is a fun, clean, and amusing fictional game literature novel on the hobby of live action role play (larp). Both LARP and larp include cosplay (dressing up as a character), playing out scenarios in fantasy adventures, lore, quests,Continue reading “Book Review: Live Action Role Play”

Book Review: What Lies in the Dark

Title: What Lies in the Dark Author: CM Thompson Narrator: Pippa Rathborne Link: Summary One murder can make a town nervous. Two brings fear. Add three, four, and more, and watch neighbor turn on suspicious neighbor. My Review 4/5 Stars Fletcher and Bullrush are assigned to solving a series of murders in which theContinue reading “Book Review: What Lies in the Dark”