Book Review: When We Were Human

Title: When We Were Human Author: Kate L. Mary Narrator: BettySoo Link: Summary They came four years ago. Invaded our planet, rounded us up, and decimated the human race. We fought back, and some even say we won, but they’re wrong. The invaders took everything from us. Our family. Our hope. Our humanity. WeContinue reading “Book Review: When We Were Human”

Book Review: Vortexes

Title: Vortexes Author: Holly Barbo Link: Summary “[feels] like an action adventure movie!”  A Dystopian Urban Fantasy Desperate times have come to Emma Maya Ando’s country. A totalitarian regime with no tolerance for deviation has marginalized thousands. Neither physical exceptionality nor freedom of thought has a place. All is conformity. But Maya doesn’t conform,Continue reading “Book Review: Vortexes”

Book Review: The Second Coming of Hell

Title: The Second Coming of Hell Author: Joshua Griffith Link: Summary Years after the global firestorm that decimated and changed the topography of the Earth, Duncan Morgan and Rose Macready were spending their days surviving the post-apocalyptic world in comfort residing in their make shift village of Melona until a deadly plot unveils itselfContinue reading “Book Review: The Second Coming of Hell”

Book Review: Wormwood

Title: Wormwood Author: D.H. Nevins Link:     Summary Tiamat and his brothers, a legion of one hundred half-angels, have orders to send all humans on to their final judgment. Yet in a moment of weakness, Tiamat risks his life to rescue a hiker named Kali from the very destruction he initiated. Kali, thrustContinue reading “Book Review: Wormwood”

Book Review: The Darwin Protocol

Title: The Darwin Protocol Author: Daniel M. Quilter Link:     Summary In the wake of war and natural disaster, Lily Dimka boarded the colony ship Pax Britanica bound for a new world. But she never arrived. Lily, a mute man, a mentally deranged elderly woman, a paralyzed girl, and a young man withContinue reading “Book Review: The Darwin Protocol”

Book Review: Julia Dream

Title: Julia Dream Author: Fabia Scali-Warner Link:     Summary In a not too distant future, a nuclear war has decimated mankind. Three centuries later, survivors live barricaded in cities controlled by the Human Empire, while the inhabitants of the countryside have been mutated by radiation and live in the forests surrounding urban settlements,Continue reading “Book Review: Julia Dream”

Book Review: In a World of Darkness (Yonuh Trilogy Book One)

Title: In a World of Darkness (Yonuh Trilogy Book One) Author: Joshua Griffith Link:     Summary In a rundown jail center on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, a Native American shapeshifter name Yonuh, along with several other supernatural beings bust out and leave a wake of death and chaos behind them and nowContinue reading “Book Review: In a World of Darkness (Yonuh Trilogy Book One)”

Book Review: Clarity (Epsilon Book 1)

Title: Clarity (Epsilon Book 1) Author: R. James Stevens Link:   Summary Discovery. Salvation. Redemption. In the year 2077, the world is stricken by an epic natural disaster, sounding the death knell of modern technology. Sent back to the Dark Ages, billions perish in the aftermath. Seven years later, the scattered populace is leftContinue reading “Book Review: Clarity (Epsilon Book 1)”

Book Review: Monarchy (The Monarchy Trilogy Book One)

Title: Monarchy (The Monarchy Trilogy Book One) Author: Laura Pritchard Link:   Summary In the times after the reformation, the leaders of the new world have created the perfect society. There is no exaggerated wealth or famishing poverty. There is no starvation or crime or disease. The citizens of the sectors are secure andContinue reading “Book Review: Monarchy (The Monarchy Trilogy Book One)”