Still Breathing In My Dreams Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Still Breathing In My Dreams by Jennifer Fisch – Ferguson Author Bio Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson (Author JFF) lives in Michigan where she does all the things writing. She is busy engaging in academic endeavors and also spends plenty of time writing all the time about her characters and their many adventures. She spends her free timeContinue reading “Still Breathing In My Dreams Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Book Review: The Goblin Gauntlet

Title: The Goblin Gauntlet Author: Gwendoline Rose Link: Summary “One maiden endures the maze. The monster lifts the haze.” It is said that only a maiden pure of body, heart, and soul can solve the maze beyond the goblin ring, freeing the village of its curse. Against the wishes of her mother, and muchContinue reading “Book Review: The Goblin Gauntlet”

Book Review: My Human Pet

Title: My Human Pet Author: Olympia Black Narrator: Amber Lee Connors, James Ford Link:     Summary I was abducted by the alien puppy pound. Thrown into a cage and sold as a galactic pet. An alien captain has made me his beloved pet. Things have happened that I can’t live with. Things tooContinue reading “Book Review: My Human Pet”

Book Review: Hopeless

Title: Hopeless Author: Patricia Rose Narrator: Stephanie Murphy, Paul Brion Link: Summary “What’s a safe call?” Hope Pendleton is a prude – a straight, by-the-book investigative reporter. Then her best friend, Callie, goes on a date and doesn’t come back.  Gone. Totally off the grid. Hope’s instincts kick in. The only clue is herContinue reading “Book Review: Hopeless”

Book Review: First Time, First Down

Title: First Time, First Down (Jock Series #2) Author: Nico Fox Link: Summary “After knowing Nathan for so many years, I could recognize the smell of his sweat. It was so uniquely him. Of course, I would never say that to him.” Casey and Nathan have been best friends for years. Now college footballContinue reading “Book Review: First Time, First Down”

Book Review: Branches for Cover

Title: Branches for Cover (Legends of Kake Book One) Author: Kate Kelley Link: Summary Kinna hides in a remote village in the Mouth of Daylight, aka Kake, Alaska. She catches fish for money in the daylight and hunts for food by moonlight, all the while praying the Alpha of her ex-pack doesn’t find her.Continue reading “Book Review: Branches for Cover”

Book Review: Dahlia: A Novel of Dark Desires

Title: Dahlia: A Novel of Dark Desire Author: Viola Calvary Link: Summary Nothing’s black and white. Not love, not desire. Not heroes or monsters. They all have a dark side. Dahlia makes people nervous. Gifted with dangerous psychic abilities she’s no pushover. The only person who makes them even more nervous? Captain Kenneth Ravin.Continue reading “Book Review: Dahlia: A Novel of Dark Desires”

Book Review: Ice Burns (Dreamers Awake Series #1)

Title: Ice Burns (Dreamers Awake Series Book #1) Author: Lucy Alice Link: Summary AIDEN I don’t even look at women anymore. I’m so off love, I don’t date. The night of the Ice Ball everything changes. My best friend walks into a chill out bar with the hottest woman I’ve seen, ever. Hot enoughContinue reading “Book Review: Ice Burns (Dreamers Awake Series #1)”

The Moon Warriors: A Halloween Novella Launches Tomorrow!

Witches, Demons, and sarcastic shapeshifting cats. The Moon Warriors is a perfect read for Halloween. Launches tomorrow! (10/28) Summary: A Coven of witches and a group of demons have been at war for centuries and now live in peace under an agreement. The terms are simple—members of either side are not permitted to crossContinue reading “The Moon Warriors: A Halloween Novella Launches Tomorrow!”