Book Review: Found

Title: Found (The Conduit Chronicles #1) Author: Ashley Hohenstein Narrator: Sarah Sampino Link:   Summary Psychologist Ophelia Banner finds herself pondering that very question when her life changes drastically after a chance encounter with a golden-eyed stranger. Her new reality is not for the faint-hearted. Thrust straight into a conflict between gods and monstersContinue reading “Book Review: Found”

Book Review: Frostwing: Dragonbond

Title: Frostwing: Dragonbond (Book one of the Frostwing Quadrilogy) Author: Morgan Lee Clasper Link:   Summary Taming dragons is a death wish—but that won’t stop her. Ava Frostborn is the daughter of a wealthy coal-family, tasked with running the fires which keep their isolated cities alive. She knows she’ll soon follow in her family’sContinue reading “Book Review: Frostwing: Dragonbond”

Book Review: The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing

Title: The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing Author: Katrina Hart Link: Summary Would you cross a land of magic, dark creatures and hidden secrets to face your own deepest fear? After being shot, Suzy and her friend, Bill, are offered a second chance at life in The Lost Town Of Man’s Crossing, a landContinue reading “Book Review: The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing”

Book Review: A Daughter’s Revenge

Title: A Daughter’s Revenge (Elf Sisters #1) Author: Nick Masellis Link: Summary Adria, daughter of the King and Captain of the army, hunts down creatures of Darkness. But a truly evil creature has returned. The same creature that murdered her mother. Now, aided by her mother’s spirit, Adria seeks to avenge her. But, whatContinue reading “Book Review: A Daughter’s Revenge”

Book Review: Requiem’s Reach

Title: Requiem’s Reach: Author: R.M. Garino Link: Summary Conspiracy… subterfuge … darkness and death. From here we venture forth with our tears unwept. We fight to survive, losing our pieces along the way. Salvation is a high price, that some can’t afford to pay. Welcome to where the chaos begins. Malachite believes he hasContinue reading “Book Review: Requiem’s Reach”

Book Review: Vampire’s Crucible

Title: Vampire’s Crucible (Call of the Elements #2) Author: Yvette Bostic Link: Summary I thought discovering magic would be the hardest part of my new life. Add that to the list of things I keep getting wrong. Some wise idiot once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” But what if I don’t wantContinue reading “Book Review: Vampire’s Crucible”

Book Review: Riven

Title: Riven (My Myth Trilogy #1) Author: Jane Alvey Harris Narrator: Jane Alvey Harris Link: Summary Which reality would you choose? Seventeen year-old Emily’s dad is in prison for securities fraud and her mom’s strung-out on pain meds, leaving Emily to parent herself and her younger brothers and sister. She’s got things mostly underContinue reading “Book Review: Riven”

Book Review: What Lies Beneath the Graves

Title: What Lies Beneath the Graves (Spooky Town Murder Mystery #5) Author: Kathryn Meyer Griffith Narrator: Nila Brereton Hagood Link: Summary The fifth Spookie Town murder mystery is finally out. Who wouldn’t want to find a chest of buried treasure, ancient gold coins, and exquisitely priceless jewelry on their land? A treasure a sailorContinue reading “Book Review: What Lies Beneath the Graves”

Book Review: Sentinel

Title: Sentinel Author: Trudie Collins Link: Summary My name is Adara Marie and I am dead. In the kingdom where I lived, magic users are employed to use their talents for the good of others; Healers, Warriors, Shields, even Sentinels.  At least that is what I was always told, but I never believed it. Continue reading “Book Review: Sentinel”