Book Review: Angels of Perdition

Title: Angels of Perdition (Chaos of Souls #2) Author: R.M. Garino Link: Summary Prophecy. Vanishings. Murder.    The Soul Chamber is hungry for blood.   One of the squad’s own has disappeared, and many more have gone missing from the village of Andover. Some blame the reclusive E’ine.    Against protocol, the Immortals reach theContinue reading “Book Review: Angels of Perdition”

Book Review: Submerged

Title: Submerged (Dance of the Elements #2) Author: A.M. Deese Link: Summary A WARRIOR PRINCESS. A DOPPLEGÄNGER. CHAOTIC SEAS AND ANCIENT SECRETS. “Jura pictured her friend’s beautiful face.” Jura and Tylak have successfully infiltrated the nation of Kitoi in search of answers but come upon a web of lies that will unravel the worldContinue reading “Book Review: Submerged”

Book Review: Magister’s Bane

Title: Magister’s Bane (Call of the Elements #1) Author: Yvette Bostic Link: Summary Magic can’t be real, right? Tell that to the werewolf glaring at me with his near-black eyes or the handsome vampire lounging in the corner. Did I enjoy growing up rejected by everyone I encountered because of my physical abnormalities? HellContinue reading “Book Review: Magister’s Bane”

Book Review: Cat Sidhe

Title: Cat Sidhe (Into the Witch Lands #1) Author: Jeff Chapman Narrator: Jannie Meisberger Link: Summary A human spirit banished to the body of a cat. Merliss has seen centuries of change, centuries of trouble. Something nasty has come through one of the ley gates. It walks upright. It talks. And it looks likeContinue reading “Book Review: Cat Sidhe”

Book Review: A Rose by Any Other Name

Title: A Rose by Any Other Name Author: Joanne Van Leerdam Link: Summary Sinister hands snatch a newborn child and carry her to a tower where she lives in loneliness.  Enmity between feuding families results in an elopement that ends in ways that nobody could foresee.  You think you know these stories… but doContinue reading “Book Review: A Rose by Any Other Name”

Book Review: The Guide

Title: The Guide (Tor’s Quest #1) Author: Trudie Collins Link: Summary “Dying is becoming rather inconvenient” – Lord Patrick de Cowen.  Prince Tor of Remeny never wanted to take part in the quest to claim the throne after his father’s death and now he has no choice but to continue. What started off asContinue reading “Book Review: The Guide”

Book Review: The Gates of Golorath

Title: The Gates of Golorath (Chaos of Souls #1) Author: R.M. Garino Link: Summary Through trial and terror are our heroes forged. Fire fuels their souls; their blood, the quench that hardens the blades.    The Pride. The 3rd and 12th squads: Join this misfit squad of angels as they fight for rank and renown inContinue reading “Book Review: The Gates of Golorath”

Book Review: Love’s Consequence

Title: Love’s Consequence (The Dragonspawn Saga #1) Author: G.W. Steen Narrator: Charlotte Cartlidge Link: Summary The Dragonspawn Saga- Book One (of Five)  Castles, magic, and sorcery abound in this fantasy tale of a young woman, Eryka Danek, as she sets out on a journey in search of her destiny. She finds herself alone whenContinue reading “Book Review: Love’s Consequence”

Book Review: Fragments of Light

Title: Fragments of Light (The Spectrum of Magic #1) Author: Beth Hodgson Link: Summary The year is 2384 M.E. The world is divided up into city kingdoms and empires ruled by kings, queens, and courts. Each city kingdom fights to be the most technologically advanced, hoping to dominate the others.  The King of Arcadia,Continue reading “Book Review: Fragments of Light”