The Root of All Evil Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

The Root of All Evil by DM Wolfenden Kris, and her husband bought their apartment in a converted country mansion, life seemed to be perfect. A step up in the world.Things soon changed, Glenn lost his job, his lust for life and let himself go.Kris worked hard to try and keep them afloat.His snoring isContinue reading “The Root of All Evil Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

The Guardian’s Nightmare Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

The Guardian’s Nightmare by Yvette Bostic Kalle – the name given to me by my parents.Guardian – the name I inherited with their deaths.Protector – the duties expected of me by my clan.Fool – my self-proclaimed status after deciding to trust the strangers in my world. An uncontrolled evil is sweeping across the land. EveryContinue reading “The Guardian’s Nightmare Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Night Ranger Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Night Ranger by Stephanie Ayers From the quiet roof of the cemetery crypt, the Night Ranger waits. He waits for those unfaithful souls to collect, thirteen souls exactly. He has been waiting thirty-five years to collect the final four he needs to appease the one who cursed him. Must they all be claimed or willContinue reading “Night Ranger Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Hallow’s Eve Jinx Part Two Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Hallow’s Eve Jinx Part Two by Judith Holstrom Once you enter the Henley Mansion you never really leave. Drew Anderson had to relive her time in the Henley Mansion in order to help demolition constracter, Stanley, flatten this evil brooding house. Going back to her teenage years brought up memories of lost friends and wokContinue reading “Hallow’s Eve Jinx Part Two Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Chimera Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Chimera by Lea Cherry Camping in the supposed haunted forest on Halloween.What could go wrong? Author Bio Lea Cherry can be seen as a dual identity of her true form Leandri Geldenhuys. Even though Lea Cherry is an alter ego, she still managed to write her novel The Rose of Cavendish, which was published inContinue reading “Chimera Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Dungeons and Demons Part Two Coming to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Dungeons and Demons Part Two by Kayla Krantz Halloween is a day of candy, tricks, and parties. For Shawn, Milo, and Jack, Halloween means a spooky game of Dungeons and Dragons. In the woods at the edge of town, they think they’ve found the perfect spot to start their game until estranged classmate, Rhys Rivera,Continue reading “Dungeons and Demons Part Two Coming to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Karma’s Karnival Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Karma’s Karnival by Aubrey Wynne An invitation to Lord and Lady Karma’s Karnival includes a custom side show. The games depend more on one’s past than one’s skill, but don’t worry… The player always receives the prize they deserve. Bio: Bestselling and award-winning author Aubrey Wynne resides in the Midwest with her husband, dogs, horses,Continue reading “Karma’s Karnival Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Book Review: Dreams of a Mentally Ill

Title: Dreams of a Mentally Ill Author: Ran Yunger Link: Summary Terrifying and sickly stories for courageous readers. “Dreams of a mentally ill” is as its name applies – a book that invites you to cross every line and dive into the repressed darkness that is hidden in the soul. If you are lookingContinue reading “Book Review: Dreams of a Mentally Ill”

Two New Advanced Reader Opportunities!

Hi, everyone! I’m excited to announce that signups for two different ARC opportunities are now available. Reviews for both are due in late October. 1. Reanimate at Dawn (Rituals of the Night #5) Genre: Supernatural Thriller Summary: Dying is easy. Coming back is much harder. Murdered by her rival, Chance Welfrey, left Luna with theContinue reading “Two New Advanced Reader Opportunities!”