Book Review: Murder at Lolly Beach

Title: Murder at Lolly Beach (An Eve Sawyer Mystery) Author: Jane Suen Link: Summary Eve Sawyer is expecting a fun summer vacation until the chef at a popular food truck is attacked. But he’s not the only victim … Chef Blake Conway has been stirring up the locals with his campaign for a plasticsContinue reading “Book Review: Murder at Lolly Beach”

Book Review: Collective Darkness

Title: Collective Darkness: A Horror Anthology Authors: K.R. Patterson, Brandon Prows, Edward Suggs, Becca Rose, B.Todd Orgill, Austin Slade Perry, Chris Jorgensen, Elizabeth Suggs, Jonathan Reddoch, Jen Ellwyn, Samuel Smith, Alex Child Link: Summary  As a child, did you hide under your blankets when you were scared of the dark?After reading some of theContinue reading “Book Review: Collective Darkness”

Book Review: For a Chance

Title: For a Chance (A Cursed Watches Short Story 1.5) Author: Andreea Pryde Link: Summary When I hold her, she blushes.When I kiss her, she melts into my arms.When I touch her, she answers with the same fire, just for moments later to run away.She tells me she’s busy, but I know it’s moreContinue reading “Book Review: For a Chance”

Night Ranger Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset

Night Ranger by Stephanie Ayers From the quiet roof of the cemetery crypt, the Night Ranger waits. He waits for those unfaithful souls to collect, thirteen souls exactly. He has been waiting thirty-five years to collect the final four he needs to appease the one who cursed him. Must they all be claimed or willContinue reading “Night Ranger Coming Soon to the #SoulsDayBoxset”

Book Review: Dreams of a Mentally Ill

Title: Dreams of a Mentally Ill Author: Ran Yunger Link: Summary Terrifying and sickly stories for courageous readers. “Dreams of a mentally ill” is as its name applies – a book that invites you to cross every line and dive into the repressed darkness that is hidden in the soul. If you are lookingContinue reading “Book Review: Dreams of a Mentally Ill”

Book Review: Escapist Dream

Title: Escapist Dream Author: Louis Bulaong Link: Summary In a not too distant future where virtual reality has become the norm, lies a world known as the Escapist Dream, where all kinds of geeks can live a life of superpowered adventures. It is a place where comic book nerds can become superheroes, anime otakusContinue reading “Book Review: Escapist Dream”

Book Review: Cat Sidhe

Title: Cat Sidhe (Into the Witch Lands #1) Author: Jeff Chapman Narrator: Jannie Meisberger Link: Summary A human spirit banished to the body of a cat. Merliss has seen centuries of change, centuries of trouble. Something nasty has come through one of the ley gates. It walks upright. It talks. And it looks likeContinue reading “Book Review: Cat Sidhe”

Book Review: Portia’s Incredible Journey

Title: Portia’s Incredible Journey Author: Emma L. Price Link: Summary LIFE ISN’T EASY FOR YOUNG PORTIA — A CHRONIC DISEASE, PARENTS SEPARATING AND BULLYING. “Portia’s Incredible Journey” is a page-turning novel about overcoming adversity, family separation, and coming of age told from the point of view of Portia Maddox, an eleven year-old African-American girl.Continue reading “Book Review: Portia’s Incredible Journey”

Book Review: Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne & Gerri Denemer

Title: Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne & Gerri Denemer Author: P.D. Alleva Link: Summary “There’s a difference between believing and knowing.” A tale of faith, redemption and timeless love! One known terrorist. A protest about to erupt. A family on the brink of collapse. Is the bond between husband and wife strong enoughContinue reading “Book Review: Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne & Gerri Denemer”