Book Review: Dead of Night

Title: Dead of Night Author: William Todd Link:   Summary: Dead of Night is a compilation of turn of the century era horror stories with a Victorian flare and traditional horror story plots with unexpected endings. If you like ghosts and ghouls and demons and werewolves, these stories are for you.   My review:Continue reading “Book Review: Dead of Night”

Book Review: Addiction & Pestilence

Title: Addiction & Pestilence Author: Edmund Kelly Link:   Summary: Addiction & Pestilence is a gritty, fast paced, post-apocalyptic thriller that has been called, “Hauntingly Entertaining”. In this modern retelling of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, “The characters bring the story to life” as they struggle to survive the wrath of an ominousContinue reading “Book Review: Addiction & Pestilence”

Book Review: Wolves What Follows Fall

Title: Wolves What Follows Fall Author: R.L. Hemlock Link: Summary: Orphaned by her father’s death, Victoria finds herself taken in by her estranged uncle, moving her far from the familiarity of England to the quiet countryside of Norway. This was her father’s childhood home, a home riddled with long forgotten memories and a mysteriousContinue reading “Book Review: Wolves What Follows Fall”

Book Review: Phoenix Always (Immortal Souls #1)

Title: Phoenix Always (Immortal Souls Book 1) Author: Jae Dawn Link:   Summary: From Romania to New Orleans through nine centuries and thirty-nine lives, Phoenix Maison remembers them all. What she doesn’t remember is how she came to be trapped in this cycle of reincarnation. Every year in every life, she prepares for herContinue reading “Book Review: Phoenix Always (Immortal Souls #1)”

Book Review: Halfway (Aspiration for Deliverance Book 1)

Title: Halfway (Aspiration for Deliverance Book 1) Author: Lokesh Sharma Link:   Summary: A few hundred people wake up in an auditorium with no memory of their past, scared and confused, struggling to remember who they are and how they got here. A voice draws their attention to the person standing on the podium,Continue reading “Book Review: Halfway (Aspiration for Deliverance Book 1)”

Book Review: Eerie

Title: Eerie Author: C.M. McCoy Link:   Summary: The sensational teen paranormal romance featured in PEOPLE Magazine and on INSIDE EDITION! Hailey Hartley has just enrolled in the world’s premier supernatural university. It’s a school she’s never heard of, located in a town called The Middle of Nowhere, and run by a creature that’sContinue reading “Book Review: Eerie”

Book Review: Whisper Lake (The Turning Book 2)

Title: Whisper Lake (The Turning Book 2) Author: Micky Neilson Link: Summary: Horror Unleashed – Book Two in Micky Neilson’s top-rated horror series -Intended for mature audiences- Note: Whisper Lake is a prequel to The Turning. Despite this, it is the author’s intention that The Turning be read before Whisper Lake. The year isContinue reading “Book Review: Whisper Lake (The Turning Book 2)”

Book Review: The Oracle Virus (The Kavanaugh Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller Series Book One)

Title: The Oracle Virus (The Kavanaugh Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller Series Book 1) Author: Paul Michael Privateer Link: Summary: Spellbinding. So readable. The Oracle Virus nerve slams its way into being an “on the edge of your seat” sci-fi thriller. This debut novel doesn’t brake for Hitchcock twists or Phillip K. Dick paranoia. It shredsContinue reading “Book Review: The Oracle Virus (The Kavanaugh Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller Series Book One)”

Book Review: The Elimination (The Separation Trilogy Book 2)

Title: The Elimination (The Separation Trilogy Book 2) Author: Stormy Corrin Russell Link: Summary: The attack is over, innocent lives have been lost, and Eroyn Fairchild has been wrongly imprisoned. From inside her jail cell, she vows to get revenge on Ryker Stroud, no matter the cost. But Stroud is not easily overcome, andContinue reading “Book Review: The Elimination (The Separation Trilogy Book 2)”