Book Review: Dreams of a Mentally Ill

Title: Dreams of a Mentally Ill Author: Ran Yunger Link: Summary Terrifying and sickly stories for courageous readers. “Dreams of a mentally ill” is as its name applies – a book that invites you to cross every line and dive into the repressed darkness that is hidden in the soul. If you are lookingContinue reading “Book Review: Dreams of a Mentally Ill”

Book Review: Escapist Dream

Title: Escapist Dream Author: Louis Bulaong Link: Summary In a not too distant future where virtual reality has become the norm, lies a world known as the Escapist Dream, where all kinds of geeks can live a life of superpowered adventures. It is a place where comic book nerds can become superheroes, anime otakusContinue reading “Book Review: Escapist Dream”

Book Review: Cat Sidhe

Title: Cat Sidhe (Into the Witch Lands #1) Author: Jeff Chapman Narrator: Jannie Meisberger Link: Summary A human spirit banished to the body of a cat. Merliss has seen centuries of change, centuries of trouble. Something nasty has come through one of the ley gates. It walks upright. It talks. And it looks likeContinue reading “Book Review: Cat Sidhe”

Book Review: Portia’s Incredible Journey

Title: Portia’s Incredible Journey Author: Emma L. Price Link: Summary LIFE ISN’T EASY FOR YOUNG PORTIA — A CHRONIC DISEASE, PARENTS SEPARATING AND BULLYING. “Portia’s Incredible Journey” is a page-turning novel about overcoming adversity, family separation, and coming of age told from the point of view of Portia Maddox, an eleven year-old African-American girl.Continue reading “Book Review: Portia’s Incredible Journey”

Book Review: Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne & Gerri Denemer

Title: Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne & Gerri Denemer Author: P.D. Alleva Link: Summary “There’s a difference between believing and knowing.” A tale of faith, redemption and timeless love! One known terrorist. A protest about to erupt. A family on the brink of collapse. Is the bond between husband and wife strong enoughContinue reading “Book Review: Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne & Gerri Denemer”

Book Review: The Coffin

Title: The Coffin: The Scarry Inn Book 2 Author: Shirley McCann Link: Summary When Clare, Lise, and Kelly arrive at The Scarry Inn just before a major storm, they’re thrilled to learn they’ll be staying in a room known as The Coffin, which is adorned with coffin beds and other macabre decorations. Little doContinue reading “Book Review: The Coffin”

Book Review: Unwrapping Ainsley (Project Runway #1)

Title: Unwrapping Ainsley (Project Runaway #1) Author: Gianni Holmes Link: Summary When fake romance meets real chemistry, there’s nothing to do but fall in love One has been dumped The other catfished On these peculiar circumstances lay the foundation of their very fake relationship  William ‘Willy’ Hicks needs his family to stop playing matchmakersContinue reading “Book Review: Unwrapping Ainsley (Project Runway #1)”

Book Review: Tunnels and Other Short Stories

Title: Tunnels and Other Short Stories Author: P.J. Blakey-Novis Link: Summary From the author of Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels takes you on six terrifying journeys full of terror and suspense. Join a group of ghost-hunters, dare to visit the Monroe house on Halloween, peek inside the marble box, and feel the fear as you meet the creaturesContinue reading “Book Review: Tunnels and Other Short Stories”

Book Review: Dahlia: A Novel of Dark Desires

Title: Dahlia: A Novel of Dark Desire Author: Viola Calvary Link: Summary Nothing’s black and white. Not love, not desire. Not heroes or monsters. They all have a dark side. Dahlia makes people nervous. Gifted with dangerous psychic abilities she’s no pushover. The only person who makes them even more nervous? Captain Kenneth Ravin.Continue reading “Book Review: Dahlia: A Novel of Dark Desires”