Book Review: Out of Chaos

Title: Out of Chaos Author: Elle Mott Link: Summary A harrowing true story of choices and consequences. As a teenager, Elle Mott descended into hopelessness. Her life as a criminal and a vagrant led her deeper into the darkness. Balancing multiple identities, the moresecrets she kept, the more lies she needed. She sheds personas, rebellingContinue reading “Book Review: Out of Chaos”

Book Review: 1, 4, 3

Title: 1, 4, 3 Author: Alicia Sophia Link: Summary 1,4,3 — love, loss, and other catastrophes. Cam stumbled up the stairs, drunk again. She tried to drown her doubts in the bottle but she knew she couldn’t live inside Lee’s, Good Housekeeping inspired picture-of-perfection anymore. When Lee confronts her,she can’t deny that her spark forContinue reading “Book Review: 1, 4, 3”

Book Review: Freshman Hunt

Title: Freshman Hunt: A Nightmare Academy Novella Author: Anthony Avina Link: Summary Fear rises amongst the supernatural students at Nightmare Academy. After surviving the first couple months of her undercover assignment at the school, vampire teen Francesca Lucas finds herself fighting a war on two fronts. On one side stands her mission, working forContinue reading “Book Review: Freshman Hunt”

Book Review: Ignited (Dance of the Elements #1)

Title: Ignited (Dance of the Elements #1) Author: A.M. Deese Link: Summary A NOBLE DAUGHTER. A FORMER SLAVE. SCORCHED EARTH AND DANGEROUS GAMES. “Jura imagined it sounded like rain.” Juggling death is nothing new for seventeen-year-old Jura, daughter of the First of the Thirteen, successive rulers of the Republic of the Sand Sea. However,Continue reading “Book Review: Ignited (Dance of the Elements #1)”

Book Review: Sweet Suffering (An Elemental Witch Trial #8)

Title: Sweet Suffering (An Elemental Witch Trials Novel #8) Author: Lucretia Stanhope Link: Summary Demons. Decisions. Despair. In the newest installment of the series that readers are calling impossible to put down, Gwen’s path of sorrow reaches out and grabs the next generation. While Rose is investigating a site with magical properties for Matvei,Continue reading “Book Review: Sweet Suffering (An Elemental Witch Trial #8)”

Book Review: The Remnant

Title: The Remnant (Black Band Shorts) Author: Channing Whitaker Link: Summary In this suspense-filled, neo-monster, horror novelette, a writer named Gene Winfield discovers an ominous, handwritten book among the belongings of his late, adventurer aunt. As Gene reads, he becomes captivated with the volume’s account of a savage, unearthly creature. In spite of the book’s warning, withContinue reading “Book Review: The Remnant”

Book Review: The Sapphire Scythe

Title:The Sapphire Scythe (The Order of the Red Shadow #1) Author:JB Trepaigner Link: Summary Born in battle, my birth brought peace. But peace is boring and so is the warlock I’m betrothed to. Real Name: Aria Emanuele Code Name: The Sapphire Scythe Supe Status: First vampire/Succubus hybrid. Heir to the Aeternae clan. Military status: Top spy and assassin forContinue reading “Book Review: The Sapphire Scythe”

Book Review: A Different Kind of Angel

Title:  A Different Kind of Angel Author:Paulette Mahurin Link: Summary Inspired by real events chronicled by a journalist for The World News, Elizabeth Cochrane (pen name, Nellie Bly), in 1887. Klara Gelfman’s life in Kiev was serene until she turned nineteen. That’s when Russia’s Tsar Alexander II was assassinated, and a vicious propaganda campaign spread thatContinue reading “Book Review: A Different Kind of Angel”

Book Review: Unconfined Delusions, Beyond the Threshold

Title: Unconfined Delusions, Beyond the Threshold Author: Angela L. Lindseth Link:     Summary: Unconfined Delusions, Beyond the Threshold, contains snippets of fast-paced, twisted fiction mingled with short stories aimed to keep you on the edge of your seat. “Broken Heart” questions the morality of organ transplantation. “The Basement” corners you in a dankContinue reading “Book Review: Unconfined Delusions, Beyond the Threshold”