Book Review: Choosing Mr. Right (Mr. & Mrs. Right #1)

Title: Choosing Mr. Right (Mr. & Mrs. Right #1) Author: Shade Rachea Link:     Summary: Some love triangles are just nonexistent. Being in love with your best friend has disaster written all over it, but Reese Michaels can’t help it. He’s everything she thinks she wants, never mind the fact that he’s givenContinue reading “Book Review: Choosing Mr. Right (Mr. & Mrs. Right #1)”

Book Review: Dancing Through the Dreams (Whispers From Beyond Book #1)

Title: Dancing Through Dreams (Whispers From Beyond Book #1) Author: S.K. Wee Link:     Summary A story driven by strange dreams and troubling visions of the future. Ten years have passed since the events of the Spectrum of Color Series, as we begin Dancing Through Dreams. Kurush’s destiny is to become the rulerContinue reading “Book Review: Dancing Through the Dreams (Whispers From Beyond Book #1)”

Book Review: Elves of the Blood Moon Pt. 1

Title: Elves of the Blood Moon Pt. 1 Author: Jessica Fisette Link:     Summary A high fantasy serial short story. From five years of age, Natalia has known her allies—and her enemies. A brave Defender of the surviving lunar elves, her task is to protect what’s left of their colony and keep theContinue reading “Book Review: Elves of the Blood Moon Pt. 1”

Book Review: Until We Burn

Title: Until We Burn: A Psychological Thriller Author: David Kummer Link:     Summary Cyrus Street never forgot about his home. It was always in the back of his mind, with the memories, the nightmares. Alluring, always pulling him back. There were so many questions unanswered. Something he left behind. When he finally returns,Continue reading “Book Review: Until We Burn”

Book Review: Ghosts of Bliss Bayou

Title: Ghosts of Bliss Bayou (The Abby Renshaw Adventures Book One) Author: Jack Massa Link:     Summary True Magic is never an easy road. For sixteen-year old Abigail Renshaw, the terrifying nightmares are not the worst part. When apparitions start leaking out of the nightmares into her waking life—Well, that’s a problem. ButContinue reading “Book Review: Ghosts of Bliss Bayou”

Book Review: Can’t Sit

Title: Can’t Sit Author: Rick Lunkenheimer Link:     Summary Everyone sits. But what happens when even that simple action is enough to cause severe back pain? You’ve probably heard the term ‘sitting is the new smoking,’ but having a sitting disability brings a new set of challenges. Long car, train, and plane ridesContinue reading “Book Review: Can’t Sit”

Book Review: Tempered Fury (An Elemental Witch Trials Book 6)

Title: Tempered Fury (An Elemental Witch Trials Book #6) Author: Lucretia Stanhope Link:     Summary Settled in a new life, Gwen’s son, Brac, does his best to make things easier for the fledgling society his mother fought so hard for. He finds himself wedged physically and emotionally between those witches, the resistance KynaContinue reading “Book Review: Tempered Fury (An Elemental Witch Trials Book 6)”

Book Review: A Change of Rules: The Missing Shield, Episode 1

Title: A Change of Rules: The Missing Shield, Episode 1 Author: L.L. Thomsen Link:     Summary In the realm of Ostravah, magic lies broken and forgotten. Now, with the approaching millennium, an ancient strife that has spanned aeons will soon rekindle because the capricious Gods never rest – and they want their dues…Continue reading “Book Review: A Change of Rules: The Missing Shield, Episode 1”

Book Review: Running from the Past

Title: Running from the Past Author: Cindy Davis Link:     Summary It started as a beautiful fall afternoon Glenn and Lindsay Reade are out buying used books for their bookstore—always seeking that valuable First Edition so coveted by collectors. The first warning is swift and to the point But Glenn and Lindsay don’tContinue reading “Book Review: Running from the Past”