Book Review: Running from the Past

Title: Running from the Past Author: Cindy Davis Link:     Summary It started as a beautiful fall afternoon Glenn and Lindsay Reade are out buying used books for their bookstore—always seeking that valuable First Edition so coveted by collectors. The first warning is swift and to the point But Glenn and Lindsay don’tContinue reading “Book Review: Running from the Past”

Book Review: Fugitive (Misty): Dangerous Chess Book One

Title: Fugitive (Misty): Dangerous Chess Book One Author: JB Trepagnier Link:     Summary I’m running from the LAPD and my evil step father. I wasn’t expecting Aiden, Andre, Gareth, and Casey. My mother finally calls to tell me she’s ready to leave my abusive, corrupt cop of a step father. I planned ourContinue reading “Book Review: Fugitive (Misty): Dangerous Chess Book One”

Book Review: The Jracon’s Burden

Title: The Jracon’s Burden Author: Tom Simmons Link:     Summary A young dragonfly scribe with wanderlust. A deadly ranger. Thrown together to protect all that they hold dear. For generations, the Odonata have lived under the ever-present threat of attack from the Hawker Clan. The Hawkers were once a noble race of paladin-protectors,Continue reading “Book Review: The Jracon’s Burden”

Book Review: Blood for Atlantis

Title: Blood for Atlantis Author: Anna LaVerne Link:     Summary Wendy has lived in a fog of depression for as long as she can remember. Then one day, a handsome siren named Morgan shows up at her door and whisks her away to the sea, where she’s hit with a barrage of memories.Continue reading “Book Review: Blood for Atlantis”

Book Review: Blunt Force Magic

Title: Blunt Force Magic Author: Lawrence Davis Link:     Summary “A modern fantasy with a touch of noir, a dash of detective thriller, and a sprinkling of humor throughout. A really fun debut novel.”–Steve Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of MONSTER Janzen Robinson is a man torn between two worlds. Five years removedContinue reading “Book Review: Blunt Force Magic”

Book Review: Obscura

Title: Obscura: Evil Has its Eyes on You Author: Alex H. Singh Link:     Summary Since childhood, her destiny was marked… Sana Avery, a home-schooled teenager with the gift of magic, has been plagued by night terrors for as long as she can remember. She has no idea what it’s like to beContinue reading “Book Review: Obscura”

Book Review: Slashing Mona Lisa

Title: Slashing Mona Lisa Author: D.M. Barr Link:     Summary Killer body or body killer? When fat shaming backfires… Most people are dying to lose a few pounds. Not so in Slashing Mona Lisa, where it’s the weight-loss advocates who are losing their lives. Whenever Terry Mangel’s body acceptance revival meeting rolls into town,Continue reading “Book Review: Slashing Mona Lisa”

Book Review: Bette, Unscripted

Title: Bette, Unscripted Author: JB Trepagnier Link:     Summary A damaged former child star “Thank God, it hasn’t affected my looks,” she said as she lined her eyes. Bette Poole, once the biggest child star in the world, is struggling at twenty five. She’s got the talent for adult roles, but none ofContinue reading “Book Review: Bette, Unscripted”

Book Review: Wing Walker (The Swooning Moon Saga #1)

Title: Wing Walker (The Swooning Moon Saga #1) Author: MT Finnberg Link:     Summary After Alliance bombings, Planet Swooning Moon is in ruins—only the megalopolis Capitol survived under its blue dome. A harsh world awaits in the wilderness. Among thousands of broken-down amusement parks, dragon poachers raid the air and gangs of youth,Continue reading “Book Review: Wing Walker (The Swooning Moon Saga #1)”