The Mystery of Kelly Christopher

Title: The Mystery of Kelly Christopher Author: Brandon Ford Narrator: Michael Butler Link: Summary A newly restored special edition of a cult horror film sparks the curiosities of genre devotee Nick Eliot, when he discovers some troubling remarks concerning the lead actress during the director’s commentary track. After a small bit of research, NickContinue reading “The Mystery of Kelly Christopher”

Book Review: Behind the Scenes

Title: Behind the Scenes Author: Punam Farmah Link: Summary A book of two halves sits before you. In the first half, what happens to the characters from the author’s novels when you aren’t reading them; what is the rest of their story? See what happens with Gorbind Phalla after the romance of Kangana. DevanContinue reading “Book Review: Behind the Scenes”

Book Review: Truthtelling

Title: Truthtelling: Stories, Fables, Glimpses Author: Lynne Sharon Schwartz Link: Summary “A grab bag of realist and experimental stories, each one a treasure . . . Wise, wry, and witty—theses stories in all their stylistic variations are perfect.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review A man generously lends his car to his ex-wife, and is bewildered when she not only neglectsContinue reading “Book Review: Truthtelling”

Book Review: Jesus and Magdalene

Title: Jesus and Magdalene Author: João Cerqueira Link: Summary Jesus returns to earth and meets activist Magdalene who is fighting for a better world.He finds an extremist ecological group, which is plotting to destroy a maize plantation it believes to be genetical modified. Then, he observes the rise up against a tourist development thatContinue reading “Book Review: Jesus and Magdalene”

Book Review: Coffee at Midnight

Title: Coffee at Midnight Author: Brandon Ford Narrator: Michael Butler Link: Summary The clock strikes 12:00. A full moon hangs beyond the windowpane as the fireplace flickers and pops. Time to curl up in your favorite easy chair with a steaming mug and a cozy blanket. It’s going to be a long night. FollowContinue reading “Book Review: Coffee at Midnight”

Book Review: Beginnings and Endings

Title: Beginnings and Endings Author: Jane Suen Narrator: Andi Arndr, Marni Penning, and Stephen Graybill Link: Summary Life never turns out like you expected…. A weekly ritual that turns into the surprise of all time; an accident that has a devastating effect on two lives in different ways; and a father’s heartfelt journey toContinue reading “Book Review: Beginnings and Endings”

Book Review: Locker 572

Title: Locker 572 Author: LT Kodzo Narrator: Katrina Medina Link:     Summary Welcome to North Harbor High…where a girl can get bullied to death. Sheridan Alexander moves to her fifth foster home since kindergarten. Her two goals are to graduate and exit the system without any more trouble. That is until she isContinue reading “Book Review: Locker 572”

Book Review: Suicide in Tiny Increments

Title: Suicide in Tiny Increments (The Circle #3) Author: Riya Anne Polcastro Narrator: Rob Autman Link:   Summary The smartest decision Daniel Long ever made was to take a hit out on his own life. Too scared to kill himself but also too scared to live, he is a sad, pathetic man; a miserableContinue reading “Book Review: Suicide in Tiny Increments”

Book Review: My Name is Erin, and My Mom’s an Addict

Title: My Name is Erin, and my Mom’s an Addict Author: Amy Voltaire Narrator: Jillian Yetter Link:   Summary Raised by her grandparents when her mother chooses drugs over her daughter, Erin knows she isn’t like other kids. Then, her world is shaken a second time by her mother’s reappearance. Being a teenager isContinue reading “Book Review: My Name is Erin, and My Mom’s an Addict”