Book Review: Silent Survivor

Title: Silent Survivor Author: Deborah Shilan Narrator: Laura Wills Mooney Link: Summary Some secrets can be deadly…. Stepping into the darkened hospital clinic, Mackenzie (Mac) Dodd hears the faint click of a revolver before spotting the barrel pressed against the young marine’s temple. Unable to stop the suicide, Mac blames herself. Encouraged by herContinue reading “Book Review: Silent Survivor”

Book Review: The Last Black Hundred

Title: The Last Black Hundred Author: T. Joseph Kelly Link:     Summary In the early morning hours of the spring of 2020, Dr. Brody Moses, a young, Navy Lieutenant, is awoken from a restless, dream-filled sleepless night. The night’s unsettling premonitions are about to materialize. His mundane, uneventful life is suddenly shocked intoContinue reading “Book Review: The Last Black Hundred”

Book Review: Clarity (Epsilon Book 1)

Title: Clarity (Epsilon Book 1) Author: R. James Stevens Link:   Summary Discovery. Salvation. Redemption. In the year 2077, the world is stricken by an epic natural disaster, sounding the death knell of modern technology. Sent back to the Dark Ages, billions perish in the aftermath. Seven years later, the scattered populace is leftContinue reading “Book Review: Clarity (Epsilon Book 1)”